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« the Beam » has defeated Moscow « Anzhi » 3:2

the Football beau monde of capital has arranged to the Beam shows and seaside sportsmen have not struck in a dirt the person.

on July, 26th pocket stadium Krylja Sovetov in Moscow accepted the big football performed by two leaders of the first battalion. Anzhi whose Hazar disqualified for disorders during time derbi with fellow countrymen - dinamovtsami, was considered as the owner. a beam - Energy - the visitor.

on tribunes in a proportion 50 on 50 there were fans of that and other command (the Dagestan and Far East diasporas). Besides to look at the impudent command from coast of Pacific ocean the known football experts who are in idle time have come. And among them - the main expert on to the Beam the former trainer of the seaside command Victor Antihovich.

Two More were luchnikov - Michael Lunin and Anton Zhukov - were in the field, in structure Anzhi . By the way, both of them have met the big love in Vladivostok. Lunin - to Japanese restaurants, Zhukov - to the girl by name of Irina. Perhaps, therefore neither that, nor another could not afflict the former command properly. Moreover, Zhukov`s error has allowed the forward the Beam to Alexander Tihonovetsky to hammer in one of two goals. Has opened the bill also Gara who this evening was simply uncontrollable.

In April Alexander Tihonovetsky has hammered into gate Anzhi one goal, in July - already two.

Has executed Sasha and the best-known number: in the end of the first time it has duped of all protection Anzhi but has struck directly in the goalkeeper. It why - that has very much upset fans of the Makhachkala command. They hardly have not fought with militia.

at the bill 0:2 mahachkalintsam it was possible to reduce rupture. However the recruit the Beam Alexander Petuhov (eks - the Metallurgist Lipetsk) in the third time has afflicted the goalkeeper Anzhi . Alas, in some minutes distant blow of Mzhavanadze has taken unawares already the goalkeeper the Beam The novel of Gerusa.

the Ending for our command has turned out crumpled. Again it was necessary to beat off with the last bit of strength. During added time instead of Astafeva there was Tsiklauri recovering after a trauma, has broken attack Anzhi also has received for it a mustard plaster. However, last attack in this difficult, nervous match has spent all - taki the Beam .

Victory over Anzhi (3:2) has allowed primortsam to leave on 1 - 2 - e a place (together with Kuban which in Krasnodar has beaten SKA - Energy from Khabarovsk - 2:1). Makhachkala the Dynamo having drawn (0:0) in Voronezh with the Torch has fallen on the third line.

on July, 29th in Krasnodar - a match of a century! Kuban against the Beam - Energy . The winner if it is, leaves on a pure first place.

a photo from archive .