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Neighbours have made a door to the owner stafordshirskogo a terrier

Staf Best became for a long time a house damnation 4 in the street the Petrobranch in Vladivostok.

For the short life the dog has had time to have a snack many people. One girl even had to impose 13 seams on the person.

- I some times warned owners that a dog muzzled, - Alexander Dmitrys tells. - but they did not react.

last week Dmitriev`s patience has burst.

- how much to you still to speak about a dog? - Alexander has cried at a meeting to owner Besta to the Novel to Goncharov.

- speak, speak, - the Novel has waved away.

- here I absolutely pereklinilo, - am am remembered by Dmitriev. - and I have run behind the welding device.

enemy Sasha has not reached. Has decided to play a dirty trick on Goncharov`s mother-in-law who lives on the ground floor. Has made pair of welding stitches on its door. And about it has grown Rum together with Bestom.

- And well depart! - Goncharov Dmitriev has shouted. - and that with a dog I will fill!

angered the neighbour has not reacted. And Best has seized to it a hand.

the arrived militiamen wanted to force Dmitriev to open the made door. But that has refused. A breakage the Novel bossed.

- now we want to write the application that with a dog something have made, - scratching a wounded hand, Alexander speaks. - because it is impossible so more to live!

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