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In Sujfenhe attack Russian tourists

One of these days news agencies have informed that in the Chinese city of Sujfenhe standing on border with Primorski Krai, beat Russian tourists. And recently in increasing frequency.

Beat the Russian can everywhere - in shop, in the street, near hostel. And if nearby there is a Chinese policeman, it usually supports the compatriots.

but no means always Chineses appear instigators of fights.

- our tourists too not angels, - the chairman of committee on tourism of administration of Primorski Territory Sergey Pysin speaks. - They concern Chineses with the superiority, often are rude, offend. But it is not necessary to forget that Russian in China not owners, and visitors. And it is necessary to behave accordingly.

For the decision of conflicts at the initiative of administration of Primorski Territory in China the public reception which works a year has been created. It is on a central square of Sujfenhe in hostel Sjujshen a room 1315.

It, of course, not a police station. Here representatives of the Vladivostok travel agencies who help Russian travellers and shuttles to solve arising problems by turns are on duty. Persons on duty daily send reports to committee on tourism of Seaside administration.

- usually in day about five persons are converted into a reception, - has told the chief accountant of travel agency the Tonic - tour Tamara Mironets . - I was on duty in a reception in first half of July. We with colleagues spent spot-checks on Sujfenhe, left on autotransitions poltavka and Pine pad . The majority of complaints were insignificant: Have incorrectly changed money or have bought poor-quality

the goods. Serious cases happen not more often than once a month.

the Main misfortune of tourists in Heavenly Empire - pickpockets. They without effort cut off bags of trusting Russian citizens while those, having opened a mouth, examine the goods on a counter or in a show-window. The Chinese police does not pay almost any attention to such cases. The tourist has left - business is closed.

for example, already long time for a central square of Sujfenhe two thieves work.

- I saw them even in the last summer, - Tamara Mironets tells, - and by miracle has not undergone to an attack. Has seen them and this year. The Chinese police too knows these pilferers, but does not hurry to punish. Therefore to the tourists walking on the area, I advise to be on guard.

the Inquiry

Phones of a public reception in the city of Sujfenhe for the Russian tourists who have got to a misfortune:

the Cellular telephone of the person on duty: 135 - 554 - 100 - 41.
reception Phone: 399 - 37 - 15.

Work round the clock.

Evgenie polujaktova.