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As from Vladivostok to reach beaches of Southern Primorski Krai

As Evgenie Grishkovets has correctly noticed, the summer cannot be spent simply so, because rest - business serious. And let with weather during this holiday season in Vladivostok it is not got on, from time to time hot days nevertheless drop out. So, the chance to luxuriate on the sun at everyone is. Thus to remain in a city - a crime. To get out to the sea - a correct step.

at townspeople here which year the piece of coast around settlement the Slav uses special popularity. Well-groomed bays, small houses for rent both shops available nearby and shashlik houses do these places almost paradise. But, as it happens often, the more strongly you would like where - that to get, the it is more difficult to make it.

to slavonic beaches conduct some ways. If will choose land, prepare to that the road will appear long (by the car - 3 hours, by the bus - 5) and not comfortable (the line in this direction leaves much to be desired).

On this background the sailing charter obviously wins.

high-speed the Comet

Vladivostok - the Slav - 12. 00 - daily
the Slav - Vladivostok - 16. 30 - daily

the Hydrofoil justifies the name on all hundred - the Comet will bring quickly you all for one hour. However, the law time - money in this case will work to the contrary, and not in your advantage. You go less - you pay more. You should fork up on 300 roubles and if will sit down in nasal salon, and on all 320. Privileges are not present, but for children there are indulgences. Travellers till five years go free of charge, from six to nine - for half of cost.

low-speed ferry

Vladivostok - the Slav - 8. 50 - Bosporus East (daily, except Sunday). 18. 30 - Primorets (Daily)
the Slav - Vladivostok - 6. 30 - Primorets (daily). 18. 00 Bosporus East (daily, except Saturday)

Having used the ferry, you in 2 hours of 40 minutes will be on a place. Swimming will manage to you in 200 roubles, and to the child from 5 till 9 years - in 100. The big advantage here is that with yourselves to the sea you can take not only a family, but also the friends: 2 - and 4 - wheel. The main thing - to be reserved by the necessary tickets. The transportation coupon for a motorcycle costs 250 roubles, for legkovushki - 400, for transportation of a jeep for you will ask 500. But unless money the main thing, so far as concerns good rest on correct to the nature?!

Igor`s NOVIKOVA photo.

Natalia LEBEDEV.