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Everything that it is necessary to know about South Korea

the Good advice to the tourist going to the Country of morning freshness it is independent.

What money at them?

inhabitants of South Korea receive The salary in vonah. The currency by letters W or KRW is designated. On the country banknotes face value in 10 000, 5 000, 1 000, 500 and coins worthiness in 5 000, 1 000, 500, 100, 50 and 10 have circulation. That it is better to be guided in the prices, remember that 1 000 = to 1 dollar. Despite the course superiority, money with portraits of the American presidents of free circulation on the country almost have no. In benches and in the market from you them still can take, and here in department stores and large shops will tell anjo - keshchipshchi - about - good-bye. To owners of credit cards VISA, American Express, Diners Club, Master Card and JCB the road is opened everywhere - plastic money in Korea respects and accepts everywhere.

That it is possible to bring with itself?

With feeling of security pack in a suitcase money at the rate to 500 thousand, at their customs at you will not select. Alcoholic drinks too will leave, but no more than one litre. But the present expanse waits for all fans of tobacco. With itself in holiday it is authorised to them to take 20 packs of cigarettes, 50 pieces of cigars, 250 gramme of tobacco. And it is not terrible that Ministry of Health warns...

before flying away, once again attentively examine the luggage. Be convinced that there there are no coins, shanks and saplings of fruit plants, fresh fruit, fruits and walnut kernels, the earth. To these cargoes to South Korea the way is closed. And to you - happy road!

how everywhere to be in time?

Coming to South Korea, you not simply cross border of other country - you get to new time zone. We will synchronise watches. Local time in the winter on an hour lags behind ours, in the summer - on two. If you do not gather provaljatsja in a hotel bed all holiday, these nuances are better for knowing. The matter is that the majority of the Korean establishments, including museums and monuments, have two schedules of work - summer and winter.

how to put on?

Making clothes for travel, consider that southern this state is not only under the name. The mid-annual temperature in the north of the country reaches plus of 5 degrees and plus 14 - in the south. Clothes choose proceeding from a season. Moderate monsoonal, generous on rains, southern - the Korean climate does summer by roast (plus 23 - 35 degrees), and winter cold (to a minus of 10 degrees at coasts and a minus 20 - in the central areas). Therefore during a warm season take with itself easy clothes, an umbrella and sun glasses, and on the Christmas eve and for New year - not blown down-padded coat, a cosy sweater, reliable jeans and necessarily warm socks, the here do not match.

a food

Local to kitchen keeps on three foundations is a rice, fish and meat. From these products it is possible to prepare a sumptuous feast. The Korean book about tasty and healthy food is read, how the big Soviet encyclopaedia. Fascinatingly and long. If on reading of time is not present, consult to the waiter and choose a dish together. And take even better a nourishing complex dinner. As in the majority of taverns payment is made on cash desk at an exit, the system of tip here is absent.

table etiquette on - korejski:

What to buy?

South Korea - conventional Mecca for all judges of qualitative and inexpensive electronics. It is possible to find all - cameras, food processors, computers and mobile phones. The last, by the way, stand cheaply enough, but to buy them there is no reason. In Russia absolutely other standards cellular - communications and your tube will be silent. Therefore, before to get technics, think, a leah you can use it in Vladivostok, and in case of breakage where - nibud to repair.

the markets of the central cities are huge, them even mark on a map. But to go there costs unless with curiosity. Turmoil, confusion, vorohi the fallen down clothes and the disloyal prices. Happens that for a thing here ask more expensively, than from us. And on a broader scale, with Koreans it is necessary to be on the alert. At them the love to the overestimated figures so, the auction is pertinent always is great. In supermarkets price lists bite less, but there is other threat to a purse. From assortment at visitors the head is turned, and they buy the unnecessary. Advice one - make the list.

where it is necessary to visit?

Considering that Korea - one of the most visited countries of the world, sights in it - though take away. With them you will find the list in any tourist prospectus. It is tempting? Not absolutely. I offer you Korean interesnosti according to the Guinness Book of Records.

it is abnormal high percent of exclusive exhibits it is necessary on islands Chechzhudo. Here the falls of Chonban from height of 23 metres are overthrown directly in the sea, the cave of Manchzhangul entices in broad daylight visitors into the longest (13,4 km) a lava tunnel in the world, and in park Teju you can always become witnesses of the present hunting - more in Asia such private parks are not present.

In a place of Kyonchzhu - surplus of man-made miracles. For example, a roll of Dharani (sutra Dharani, 704 d.C.) Named the most ancient printing product. Or the observatory of Chhomsonde which is the absolute pensioner, during the lunchtime to the grandmother 9 centuries have knocked.

if the road will get you on island Namhedo do not pass park Canchzhogam, come here and be surprised: by quantity of prints of traces of dinosaurs it takes the third place in the world. On continent poezzhajte by the car and it is indispensable on a suspension bridge of Namhe, in this region it is considered the longest.

by what to go?

to Hold the car in Korea, seemingly, it is unprofitable. Instead of constantly thinking of gasoline and servicing, inhabitants of Seoul, Pusan and other big cities prefer trips on a municipal transportation. To services of visitors and townspeople - comfortable buses, the underground, a taxi and electric trains. What to choose - depends on a habit and a thickness of a purse. The most democratic type of transport - an underground. The coupon on journey can be bought in usual cash desk or in booking automatic machines. For certain it will be pleasant to foreign tourists that in the Korean underground of the name of stations, ticket offices and designations of transitions produblirovany in English. Therefore, even if you in Seoul for the first time, chance not to lose the way are.

the same as and to Russia, buses here have the number, but all inscriptions in them only on - korejski. Fare varies from 600 to 5500, additional money is paid or for the luxury status of the car, or for range of transportation. Payment is made by cash or on a bus map.

it is necessary to be afraid?

Wolves are afraid - not to go to wood. To South Korea this proverb does not concern, afraid in this country there is nobody and there is nothing. Even darkness. The majority of city areas illuminate to the first star, that that by name of the Sun. Streets are constantly patrolled by police squads. Because, probably, cases of pocket thefts or an attack are rare, and car stealing is considered till now sensation. Narcotisms as the press assures, too are not present - to power stimulators speak resolute ah - I - jaj.

Also zealously the municipality watches and a public order. You will not have problems if you not begin to litter in the street and to break from beds city flowers. In general, a rule one - to behave decently.

where to call in case of emergency:

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