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Everything that it is necessary to know about Japan

the Good advice to the tourist going to the Country of a rising sun it is independent.

the Customs gives OK

If to combine all resolved to import to Japan and not dutiable belongings in one suitcase the load leaves not strongly heavy: 20 packs of cigarettes, 3 bottles of wine or the vodka, one bottle of perfume to 56 ml and more pair in prophetic cost within 200 thousand yens. It is a little. In Japan on kind customs it is a lot of good in the country you will not import.

time - money

you can tell that on rest of hours do not observe, and will be on - to the are right. This time to reconstruct the hours unessentially, you cannot be late anywhere. To wait for all and all it is necessary only to you. It because in respect of time we have caught up for a long time with Japan and have overtaken. In the summer these odds make 2 hours, wash away - 1.

the First, the second, the third

with Samurajsky kitchen now you will surprise nobody. In Vladivostok there are some specialised restaurants, are on sale ready dry and in supermarkets. All exotic left? At all is not present. There are many dishes which even in the Japan can be tried far not in each institution. One of such viands - fish a fugue. In habitat it during danger is inflated in a huge prickly sphere, and on a finishing table of the cook with pleasure pours out to poisonous bile. Get to food though a droplet - instant death. It is no wonder, what to prepare a delicacy the diplomaed culinary specialists undertake only.

on a broader scale, the national food of islanders is simple. Any meal begins with soup - siu - mono From vegetables the greatest distribution was received by cabbage, cucumbers, a garden radish, bamboo runaways, a potato and a soya, the integral addition in any breakfast, a dinner and a supper - boiled fig. It is not salted at all, but to it the great variety of sauces and seasonings moves. From drinks in summer closeness it is popular freshening measles - ground ice with a fruit syrup and green tea, which always out of competition.

behind purchases

Remember Mayakovsky? to easily itself to present the inhabitant of Japan, if we - as to a horse, they - as a pony . These features were not reflected In clothing stores. Here there are enough shops for people of the big forms where it is possible to buy dresses and 50 - go the size. However besides reputation of the country small the rank of the country for a long time was fixed to Japan davnym - by road. Cost almost all goods and services exceeds srednemirovye time indicators in ones and a half. It seems that only numerous sales rescue from bankruptcy this island nation, when the prices a jack fall downwards.

And here to fans of small purchases - souvenirs - is from what to choose. Cards with the image of a mount of Fudzi, a volcano - photomodels growth almost in four thousand kilometres are extraordinary popular; wooden gate of a sanctuary of Itsukusima standing directly in water on island Mijadzima, bridge Seto - Ohasi thrown through Internal sea of Japan from Honshu to Shikoku. An original symbol of the country are also farms on cultivation the pearls willingly visited by tourists all year long. Local knickknacks from nacre - the best in the world.


For one Japan - the country of technical miracles in which tomorrow has already come, for others - the state with centuries-old history, whose inhabitants clearly remember yesterday. Both the first, and the second will look on what here. So, to judges of olden time it is recommended to glance in the city of Nara where the oldest museum of the world - 11 - a century treasury of Todajdzi hides. Those who asks to consider itself as the futurist, to excursion invite a suspension bridge of Seto - Ohasi whom 1991 - metre flight was included into the Guinness Book of Records, and a huge big wheel Kosmoklok - 21 established in Iokogame.

And to begin a cultural campaign is better from Japanese capital. In the former residence of shoguns, and nowadays the financial centre of the world - Tokyo - rjabit in eyes from numerous signboards the Exposition . Here more than 400 art galleries and about 30 museums. Among them the museum of art of Bridzhstoun, a national museum of the modern art, a museum of a paper dragon (more than 4 thousand exhibits), gallery Tenri, the Tokyo underground - a museum, a museum of points, a museum of lighters, a waterpipe museum, a museum of bicycles and a museum of bags are especially interesting.

Eh, prokachu!

About that, the state is how much developed, it is possible to judge on its infrastructure and, in particular, on such necessary trifle, as public transport. In this aspect Japan again - an ensample. Even within the limits of one city you are free to choose at once from five means: rent, a taxi, the underground, the bus, an electric train. What is better?

to hire the car in Japan hlopotno and it is difficult. The international driving licence, the obligatory insurance (JCI), free orientation on a map, excellent knowledge of language and traffic signs be required to you. And in this country very strict state car inspectors. Already it wanted to call a taxi? With it problems at you will not be. Quickly will arrive, will quickly bring. If something will leave in salon - will return or garantirovanno compensate. One BUT - the prices on shashechki bite. The tariff begins with 650 yens and by the end even the shortest trip grows time in 2 - 3. For comparison: fare in the underground fluctuates from 120 to 1500 yens. Advantages of an underground concern also speed (even in rush hour there are no stoppers), frequency (trains go with an interval 5 minutes from 5 mornings till 12 nights) and range of the transportation, some lines cover not only a city, but also the next settlements.

prefer ground transport - use an electric train. The up-to-date high-speed express train will carry away you anywhere. The pleasant comfort (easy chairs, automatic machines with coffee and water, a toilet and phone) is combined with the reasonable price of the ticket: from 120 to 300 yens. If you have arrived to Japan with a tourist visa, travel card Japan Rail Pass will be most convenient to buy. It should be got in advance, but it of that costs. This document which has been written out on your name, will give you freedom of unlimited movement by trains, buses and company Japan Railways ferries, and also by some trains of the private companies during certain term (one, two or three weeks).

And there where rails are not laid, you on - prijatelski the old friend - the bus will gain. On a route this slogger since 7 mornings till 9 evenings. The trip will manage to you of all in 200 yens.

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Natalia LEBEDEV.