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How much time Vysotsky opened Vladivostok?

the rumour asserts that the great bard visited capital of Primorski Krai repeatedly.

25 years ago, on July, 25th, 1980, on Friday, there was no Vladimir Vysotsky, the great Russian poet, the bard and the actor. Vladivostok has learnt about it next day. In the closed city it was accepted not only to look TV program “ Time “ but also to listen enemy “ the Voice of America “. In two days, on July, 27th, Vladivostok celebrated Day Military - marine sea fleet. By tradition, in families of seamen lifted toasts “ For those who in the sea “ and “ For those who not with us “. It is possible not to doubt, many have thus remembered Vysotsky. As to Vladivostok, for example, from Khabarovsk Vladimir Semenovich came to difference. If to believe the different sources, not less than five times.

1. 1967, spring

to this year is mentioned possible visit of the bard to Vladivostok in article of American Mark Tsybulsky which has appeared on the Internet in 2003: “ As a matter of fact, there is A.Kudryavtsev`s working as the assistant of the director on " information; Belarusfilm “ that it met Vysotsky in Vladivostok even in the spring of 1967. According to Kudryavtsev, seamen of merchant marine fleet have invited Vysotsky, Kima, Gorodnitsky in the Vladivostok hostel “ the Gold Horn “ that those have sung at them “.

As notices Tsybulsky, it is improbable, as Vysotsky has been very occupied at this time at theatre and Moscow did not leave.

2. 1971, February

the Same Tsybulsky in the article cites Valery Zolotuhina`s diary: “ Volodja in Vladivostok, has departed to kitobojam “. Record is dated on February, 19th, 1971. Any official data that such visit took place, is not available. But in the people hearings about the certain secret concert organised in the area of seaside Komsomol for partijno - an economic active of Vladivostok went. Performance passed in an old building of Palace of culture of seamen (now it is Pushkin theatre). That day in Vladivostok there was a strong blizzard.

3. 1971, the end of June - the beginning of July

Exists some legends concerning Vladimir Semenovicha`s unique officially recognised abiding in “ a city our “.

the Legend Ή 1.

Vladimir Vysotsky by the steam-ship “ Felix Dzerzhinsky “. On June, 30th, 1971.

the Legend Ή 2.

the Legend Ή 3.

Vladimir Vysotsky before a concert in DKM. At the left in points Boris Churilin.

it is necessary to add that concerts in DKM have taken place 4 - on July, 5th. Also that on June, 29th Vysotsky already was in Vladivostok. This day all country has learnt about tragical  destruction of the first crew of an orbiting station “ Salute “ - Dobrovolsky`s cosmonauts, Patsaeva and Volkova. Vysotsky has written a song “ I too would agree on flight “.

4. 1971, October

Even about Vysotsky`s one probable visit to Vladivostok to Mark Tsybulsky were told by poet Evgenie Evtushenko : the History, of course, looks plausibly. Confuses one moment. Hardly drunk pilots would admit before flight. Most likely, Vysotsky has really gone on a spree on the eve of run. But did not depart anywhere from Moscow. And about Vladivostok has told, that Ljubimov has not rushed to search for it in capital.

5. 1973, August

Went persistent hearings that Vysotsky in structure art - Theatre brigades on Taganke acts across all Primorski Krai - from Dalnegorsk to the Find. The author of these lines was on one of shefskih concerts which taganskie actors gave to scientific DVNTS AN the USSR (now - DVO the Russian Academy of Sciences). Vysotsky with them was not. But its songs and ballads were executed many.

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