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Gasoline has risen in price - learn to save!

in the end of March all drivers of Bashkiria have felt shock: the prices for gasoline have grown for 50 copecks. But has not passed also two months as the oil companies have again raised the prices for fuel. Now on... 70 copecks!
If all will proceed in such rate very soon we should change on bicycles. Though it is possible to learn to save gasoline. As it correctly to do, the master of car-care centre " has told; the Car the driver with 10 - the summer experience of driving of Ajrat Ismagilov.
Certainly to struggle with excessive gluttony it is possible only on a serviceable car., As they say, a basis, that also it is necessary to begin it with it.
- the compression in engine cylinders should be in norm, power supply systems and ignitions are debugged, running gear bearings it is easy to rotate, and frictional overlays of brake blocks at car movement not shkrjabat empty on disks and drums.
- to save fuel, in karter the engine and a transmission from the list recommended by factory it is better to fill in that butter that more liquid. But within limits.
- it is more preferable to economy beskamernye than a tyre cover of a radial design. Pressure in all four wheels should be not below recommended by factory. Check it more often. The manometre is more exact than visual survey and postukivanija. A useful step - pressure increase in tyres in a range from recommended to as much as possible admissible (it is specified on bokovine any tyre cover). This action will inevitably be reflected in controllability and smoothness of a course of the car. Without getting into a technical jungle, we will offer the reasonable compromise. If norm 2 kgs/ sm2 it is swung to 2,3 - 2,5 kgs/ sm2.
- do not load the generator! On conditioner service, elektrosteklopodemnikov, headlights, the fan of a heater, heating of glasses or seats, the audiocenter, the additional equipment of type of refrigerators and autocoffee makers a lot of energy is required. As consequence - the raised expense of gasoline. Therefore use that is really necessary. The radio tape recorder sounding on a total power, and the included conditioner considerably increase fuel consumption.
- in a root to change aerodynamics of the car we not in forces. But less often to go with open windows, not to put on a roof a luggage carrier and not drag the angular trailer nevertheless we can.
- tuning aerodynamic nashlepki are neatly nicknamed a weather-cloth . Expenses big, effect, as a rule, zero or even the negative. To design, make and correctly to establish a spoiler units are able. Perhaps, it is better not to experiment? Linings under the carburettor, turbinki, wonderful friction modifiers at the best are useless. Their purpose - to ruin fighters for economy by hook or by crook.
- and here routeing computers are worthy. Many foreign cars are already equipped by them, and on domestic cars they can be established. From the computer the driver receives the full information on current and average fuel consumption. With its help to lower appetite of the car on 0,5 l on 100 km it is possible.
- Owners of expensive foreign cars do not need to forget about cruise - control. It supports the set speed, using optimum algorithm of management. Clever electronics manipulates gas more precisely, than a foot of the driver so, less fuel will depart to an exhaust pipe.

some reasons of the raised fuel consumption:
- incorrectly exposed backlashes in spark plugs and as faults in work of candles increase fuel consumption by 10 %.
- the Temperature of a cooling liquid below settlement increases the expense on 10 %. Driving on not heated-up engine increases the expense on 20 %.
- Deterioration krivoshipno - shatunnogo the mechanism - 10 %. Deterioration of coupling - 10 %.
- not adjusted descent disorder - 10 %.
- the Lowered pressure in tyres - on 9 % on each 0,5 kg/ sm2.
- each 100 kg of cargo - on 10 %.
- the Loaded luggage carrier on a roof increases the expense on 40 %, empty by 5 %.
- the Trailer - 60 %.
- the Head wind - to 10 %.

the QUESTION - a leah the ANSWER
the employee of traffic police Can send the car on shtrafstojanku?
Hello! Very much it would be desirable to receive the answer to such question: if the car is parked in not put place, the driver nearby is not present, a leah can evacuate the employee of traffic police of traffic police it on shtrafstojanku?
In advance I give thanks, Aydar Usmanov. Ufa.
As have informed in a press - service UGIBDD RB, the Governmental order of Russia from 18. 12. 2003 759 confirms Rules of detention of a vehicle, its premise on parking, storages, and also operation prohibitions.
according to this Decision it is wrong priparkovanoe a vehicle it is taken out on specialised parking. On its detention in absence of the driver it is immediately informed in a call centre of territorial law-enforcement body. Operative person on duty OVD informs the owner or its representative on vehicle detention, taking measures in case of need for an establishment of the owner of this car.

the Prices for gasoline in Ufa
Ai - 92 - 11. 45
Ai - 95 - 12. 15
we Will remind, since May, 17th the oil companies have raised the prices for gasoline. Henceforth it is necessary to pay for fuel for 70 copecks more.