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Where in Primorski Krai it is possible to see lotuses

In Andreevke will bow to a lotus

From August, 5 till August, 7th on lake Big will pass festival of a sacred flower.

such action in village Andreevka is spent for the first time. The present old church slavonic ceremonial of worship a lotus becomes the Focal point. Organizers of festival studied the special literature and consulted on experts to reproduce all in details. But all secrets do not reveal. It is known only that will shine lake water, to sing national songs and to spin wreaths.

except the basic feast you can take pleasure in such pleasures, as fishing and a field bath (stones and jadrenyj steam is guaranteed). After a sweating room it will be possible to dive into the river. To live three days and two nights to you will offer in 15 - local tent. It can be removed both on one person, and on the whole company.

how to reach: by the special bus with kondishkoj and the TV you deliver to a place. However, it is necessary to go about five hours.

how much is: 3 days/ 2 nights - 1600 rbl. , 2 days/ 1 night - 1250 rbl.

enter Into cost: participation in festival with a celebratory concert, 3 - a single food, delivery by bus from Vladivostok and back (to reserve a vacation package it is possible by phone: 49 - 68 - 60, travel agency Beacon DV ) . Rent of tents is paid in addition.

station Ocean (suburb of Vladivostok)

Now vladivostoktsam it is not necessary to go in seaside remote places to admire lotuses. The lake with these colours is around station Ocean. Here to you not only will allow them to admire, but also will in detail tell, how it has appeared. In the fenced well-groomed territory you can sunbathe, eat also shish kebabs and drive by a boat.

how to reach: by the route bus 24 (Meadow - fanzavod). However, about kilometre you nevertheless should pass on foot.

How much is: entrance - 50 rbl. the Adult ticket - 40 rbl. , children`s and for pensioners - 20 rbl. and participants of the Second World War start up Invalids free of charge.

In Arsenyev have set with lotuses lake

Two years ago giving thanks arsenevskim to young naturalists here there was a lake of lotuses. Last summer inhabitants and visitors of this city could see only four flowers. this year the lake will blossom! - Arsenyev`s inhabitants promise.

how to reach: by Bus 520 (Vladivostok - Arsenyev). The ticket costs 255 rbl. By train 967 (Vladivostok - Chuguevka) - 270 rbl. Besides from railway station go every day minibuses. For three hours and 230 roubles will bring quickly you that is called, with a breeze.

island Putjatina (BUT Fokino)

If you did not take with yourself rubber boots, to lake will approach difficultly enough. But local residents for 50 roubles prokatjat you on lake by a boat.

how to reach: if will go on own car, you should wait the ferry which is sailing away from a mooring of settlement Danube. It goes extremely irregularly, and to transport the car costs 750 roubles . With public transport is even worse - at first it is necessary to go by the transit bus Vladivostok - the Find to Fokino, then on local pazike about half an hour to shiver to Danube. And then - again the same ferry...

how much is: the ticket for the bus 506 to Fokino costs 125 rubl. the Trip on the ferry free (if you without the car, certainly).

the Kirov area

In Kirovsk area is three lakes with lotuses: on the Sharp hill, in settlement Meadow and around village Pavlo - Fedorovka. Specially for tourists of coast are not equipped, but the special charm consists in it and. You can observe lotuses in natural environment.

how to reach: By the bus to Shmakovki - 300 rbl. By train 385 (Vladivostok - Blagoveshchensk) and 352 (Vladivostok - Sovgavan) to station Shmakovka - 280 rbl. (car with reserved seats). In any sanatorium of settlement Mountain Keys it is possible to reserve tour on lake. There is it 150 rbl.

the Botanical garden (suburb of Vladivostok)

In the Botanical garden is a small lake with the water-lilies, which not understanding botany vladivostoktsy accept for lotuses.

how to reach: by trolley bus 6 to a stop Military sanatorium or buses 24 to the same stop.

how much is: an input for adults - 50 rbl. , for pensioners and children - 15 rbl. to Participants of the Second World War an input free.

What travel agencies offer excursions to lakes of lotuses

Nika - Tour
street Boundary, 12, - 50 - 69

That offer ph. 20: Excursion every Saturday on lake of lotuses at station Ocean. cost: for adults - 200 rbl. , for children - 160 rbl.

Torch IK
street Posetsky, 45, kab. 414, ph. 24 - 07 - 21, 41 - 45 - 69

That offer:
on August, 3rd - on station Ocean. cost - 250 rbl.
On August, 13th - 12 - an hour trip on lake of lotuses in Spassky area. cost - 350 rbl.

Beacon DV

Ph. 49 - 68 - 60.
That offer: poezka 5 - on August, 7th on lotus festival in Andreevku.
Cost - 1250 rbl.

Marina`s SKLJAROVOJ Photo.

Natalia ZHELDAK.