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Officials argue, and vladivostoktsy sit waterless

Power, instead of repair of pipes, run on instances behind coordination for which now to have also to pay.

Any more the first week without hot water there is a most part of May Day area. The same situation on Gajdamake and Egershelde. Who is guilty what to people do not allow to be washed easy? And a leah will appear warmly in their houses to a cold season?

- repair is tightened from - for bureaucratic delays! - Olesya Leshchenko, the chief of department of information strategy " declares; Dalenergo . - On pipe repairing some days leave all. And here to co-ordinate repair with administration, the whole month is required sometimes!

On Wednesday, on July, 27th, power have organised a press - spot-check - conference directly on a place of repair work . Around street New Ivanovo (it about the area Meadow) is now spent replacement of pipes for hot water. Show visually: the amount of works not so big, repair goes quickly.

- and to obtain the permit to this replacement, month has left almost, - Olesya Leshchenko tells. - the Warrant needs to be co-ordinated in management of architecture, ecology, in accomplishment department, GAI... Now all these procedures need also to be paid. Only for the permission to shift these pipes on Ivanovo we have given to ecologists 4 thousand roubles!

Sometimes to assure the ill-starred warrant of one instance, it is necessary to wait week: have settled an account on Monday, and visiting day - only on Friday...

- then us accuse: a pier, we tighten preparation for a cold season, - the chief tells a press - services Dalenergo Alexander Kolegov . - This year repair can really be tightened. But it only from - for red tape. Earlier on permission registration left two - three days.

to Eliminate troubles with hot water plan to the middle of August: then power will conduct hydraulic tests of the repaired pipes. Check will occupy about one week. If impulses it will be revealed not water in houses will appear. Otherwise inhabitants should wash in tazikah prior to the beginning of a cold season. If, of course, and heat giving is not tightened to the colds.

the official comment

the Press - city administration service:

- Changes in an order of the coordination do not disturb to the repair beginning. All warrants opened by Teplov to networks Dalenergo are co-ordinated with administration. By the way, to the enterprise which has made an application on the warrant, it is necessary to present now only one additional document. This letter of guarantee that after repair work the territory will be arranged well, does not remain earthen heaps and razrytyh holes.

the city administration is disturbed by a tightening of preparation of a city by the winter on a line Dalenergo also will undertake efforts on the prompt correction of a situation.

Marina`s SKLJAROVOJ Photo.