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The first victim of a mushroom poisoning in Primorski Krai

After royal fried eggs with mushrooms, 23 - summer Elena has lain of 10 hours in a clod. To rescue it it was not possible.

the grief has lodged In apartment block 5 - etazhki in Vladivostok. Vitaly has become a widow/widower. The two-year daughter of Tanechka was deserted. Her mother have already buried. She while does not understand it. A door has opened accurate 42 - the summer man with extinct eyes. The husband of the lost.

- I cannot speak now about it, - Vitaly has told to us. - Perhaps, later... We with Lena together collected russulas in wood. One mushroom to me has seemed at once to the suspicious. I to it have told, that have thrown out at once. And she has not obeyed.

the Family has gone to have a rest in village Nezhino to relatives. Wood nearby. Mushrooms in this rainy summer though a plait mow. Elena has made with them royal fried eggs. Have drunk a little - all - taki on rest. The big lover of mushrooms, Lena leant on them most. To the husband and a daughter has got a little. Through short time all three have felt faintness. It was especially bad to young mum. Except a terrible nausea at it the temperature has jumped up. Have called first aid .

Galina Bogatova.

Galina BOGATOVA, the epidemiologist of Nadezhdinsky central regional hospital (TSRB) Tells:

- Patients have brought to infectious branch TSRB in Tavrichanku. There to all three have made washing of stomachs. The status of the man and the child has not called fears at doctors. Them have sent to be treated home. And procedure has not helped Elena Rakovoj (the surname is changed). Physicians have estimated its status as srednetjazheloe and have defined on a hospital cot.

By the way, Lena why - that has not told at once to doctors about mushrooms. Has mentioned only the accepted alcohol. Treated it for an intestinal infection. Doctors, seeing that the status of the patient does not improve, have made cross-questioning. Only then the woman admitted that in its menu there were mushrooms. Then has fainted.

Rakovu have transported in reanimatsionnoe branch in TSRB in It is free - Nadezhdinsky. 10 hours per a clod. Warm stimulation, inhalations by oxygen have not helped. Lena has died, without regaining consciousness.

Galina Bogatova is distressed:

- Such young has left. On - to mine, on a broader scale it is impossible to eat mushrooms. Even edible by sight mutirujut. How much time on the country sends a wave of poisonings. And at us every summer one - two cases of a serious poisoning. Mushroom poison is very quickly soaked up in blood. Amazes literally all bodies. It is very difficult for deducing from an organism. Mushroom poisonings one of the heaviest. Personally I do not eat mushrooms also I advise to nobody. Well unless field mushrooms which have grown up in cultural conditions.

Other opinion

I eat everything, except fly agarics

Sergey Senotrusov.

Sergey SENOTRUSOV, the head physician Nadezhdinsky TSRB:

- the Main thing - it is necessary to be careful. Whatever acquaintances the mushrooms have seemed, it is necessary to cook them not less than 40 minutes. I recently nasobiral a bucket. Waited for visitors. Has boiled 40 minutes. Has then replaced water. And more as much time boiled. And then has already started up on zharehu. Neither a family, nor visitors do not complain of health. And in tragedy with Elena Rakovoj, maybe, and not mushrooms are guilty. The intoxication could be and from - for poor-quality alcohol. We yet have not received results of opening. After all the child too ate. And such kroha a mushroom poisoning hardly would transfer.

Igor`s NOVIKOVA Photo.