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The drunk sailor killed the pregnant woman

She did not want to give birth from it to the child, for as has received 80 blows in a neck, hands, feet, chests, a stomach...

to Maxim Voroninu of a distance of 13 years of a high security and the penalty in 48 tys roubles for mental cruelty. It should pay money to mother lost.

as Elena SHARLAJ has told the assistant to military public prosecutor TOF on public relations, the history has begun in August, 2004 in the seaside city of Fokino.

Then the senior sailor has got acquainted with Irina (the name is changed). They together lived often on demountable apartment. Maxim even has decided to marry. And in January of this year Irina has informed that waits from it for the child. But a bit later the woman has suddenly declared to the future father: I Will do abortion. Money " is necessary;

Voronin has agreed to help it, but money has hit it only for back analyses, without refusing rendering of the further material aid. From the beginning of February, 2005 of the relation at them have sharply become aggravated.

and on February, 15th, 2005 about six evenings Maxim has well drunk. They together with Marina have just returned from the Big Stone home. Began to sort out relations.

- I do not love you and I can not see any more, - the woman has declared.

Besides, she has declared the firm decision in the near future to interrupt pregnancy, has collected things and has left.

Voronin has flown into a rage. It took a kitchen knife, has put it in a pocket of a jacket and has run out from apartment after Irina. Has caught up and has offered to come into an entrance ostensibly to continue conversation on the developed relations between them. The woman has agreed and has risen with it on an intermediate platform between the first and the second floors. Scandal has proceeded. Then Voronin, having waited, when it has turned to it a back, trying to leave, has put it 80 blows a neck, hands, feet, chests, a stomach...

it was not possible to rescue Irina. By Pacific naval military court Voronin it is recognised by guilty of murder of the woman, obviously for guilty pregnancy being in a status ( item 105 ch. 2 items g the criminal code of Russian Federation ), also is denounced to imprisonment in a corrective colony of a high security for a period of 13 years. The civil suit of mother Irina is satisfied, and in its advantage on account of compensation of material and moral harm with Voronina 48 000 roubles are collected.