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The bus has fallen down in a ditch

In failure have appeared degrees and ice are guilty.

the Trip bus went towards Krivodanovki. Passengers in sabbatical morning was a little - only 3 persons. Unexpectedly the bus has wagged, brakes have begun to squeal, and the car has flied in a ditch. Upwards wheels. As a result - 2 concussions at passengers and crisis of edges at the driver. By the way, when people got from the bus, it has appeared that all of them were tipsy. And the driver too.

And at this time

Enraged the car has brought down the mistress

This case it would be possible to name funny, if not traumas which has received 37 - the summer woman. She has decided to put the foreign car on parking place. Left the car, has slammed a door and here... Parked Renault has got under way from a place. The woman has tried to jump aside, but was not in time. The car has driven into the mistress, and then still ran in Toyota . Enraged the car have caught and have installed into place. By the way, such fantastic activity of the car speaks simply: the mistress, on - visible, has forgotten to put it on a manual brake.