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Ordinary miracles

the Three dimensional computer models created in laboratories of the Siberian state geodetic academy, open fantastic possibilities for medicine, the industries and cultures.

presently, oversaturated, apparently, it is already difficult to surprise with every possible computer gadgets somebody. But it is difficult to simple person to name workings out of experts of the Siberian state geodetic academy differently, than by miracle.

- technologies of three dimensional shooting and computer modelling of objects promptly develop in the world, - pro-rector SGGA Vladimir SEREDOVICH speaks. - And our academy - the recognised leader in application of similar technologies beyond Ural Mountains. Two years ago we have created in academy special division - the Regional centre of laser scanning, and workings out of its experts are applied in tens branches - from a geodesy and medicine before sports and culture.

- in what an essence of these workings out?

- The Technological chain begins with three dimensional laser scanning, - Vladimir Adolfovich tells. - the beam of the laser scanner as though feels object, receiving the information on a status of hundreds thousand points of its surface, and measurements are made with a speed some thousand points a second, and this information arrives in the computer and is processed by the special program which forms three dimensional model of scanned object. This model can be displayed and considered under different corners - in front, sideways, from above, from below. And further with this computer model we can do all that we want - to alter, transform. It gives magnificent possibilities, for example, to designers and architects: it is possible to model structures and engineering constructions of any degree of complexity, to count volumes of foundation ditches, to carry out virtual reconstruction - application possibilities here are boundless. This year to the World championship on biathlon our experts, for example, have executed virtual model of a Novosibirsk biathlon line. I, for example, dream for a long time of creation of three dimensional model of our opera theatre: it, in - the first, will allow to save present shape of theatre forever - the period of storage of the digitized information practically is not limited, and in - the second, will create amazing possibilities to travel on theatre, to glance in all its corners, to look on a scene from any place in auditorium (and it is possible and on the contrary - to see auditorium from a scene). It after all can be used both in informative, and in the commercial plan: present, you come to cash desk to buy the ticket on the Queen of spades also ask the cashier: Show - ka to me as it will be visible to me from 5 - go of some an orchestra. Rather badly? Then give the ticket for the first circle .

- And you too can create three dimensional models of people?

- Certainly. Three dimensional scanning and computer modelling of human faces and other parts of a body promises enormous prospects - for example, in archeology, in medicine. Remember, recently in Europe to the woman the person has been completely replaced? And so this operation, judging by the published images, has been preliminary done on the computer. Technically such modelling is accessible to us, business for physicians.

- besides laser scanning we prepare also products, so to say, mass demand, - Vladimir Seredovich speaks. - We have just prepared 2 - e the edition of the atlas of Novosibirsk for motorists and pedestrians with instructions of all streets, objects of mass demand, and also the most emergency sites of roads, and these atlases at us leave vlet.