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To exempts will give out transport cards

Them will send by mail to all who has the right to free journey to electric trains.

Since new year rules of preferential journey in suburban transport change. Now at each exempt who has not written refusal from sotspaketa, should be on hands special the Map of transport service . Such card to all who has the right to preferential journey, will send the certified mail from Moscow. To come the message should not later than January, 31st, 2006.

- the exempt receives the notice, goes on mail, and there to it give out the certified mail in which the nominal map is enclosed, - the engineer - the auditor of Open Society " tells; the Express train - suburb Galina BORSHCHOVA. - were going to go suburban transport - are converted into cash desk, show this map and the identification card. To you give out either the single ticket, or the travel card for one, two or three months (according to your desire).

And what to do, if Map of transport service to you has not come yet? It does not mean at all that it is necessary to cancel the planned trips.

- within January, 2006 it will be possible to receive the ticket for journey in a former order. That is, having shown in cash desk the documents confirming the right to privileges, - the certificate and the inquiry, - Galina Ivanovna has explained. - And here if to you have not sent a map till January, 31st then it is necessary to be converted into Pension fund branch in a residence.

WRITE down PHONE! Detailed consultation about a new order of journey of exempts in a railway transportation can be received by phone 229 - 25 - 67 with 8. 00 to 17. 00 hours.