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New year meet with “

Where to go to holidays? What performances will show Novosibirsk theatres? What will go at cinemas? How will work as the underground? Who will help, if zabolit tooth? About all it read on p. 17-20 (ask the newspaper in city shops).

Not all inhabitants of our city will have a rest on New Year`s Eve.

Employees of very many services will come to work to keep order and health of townspeople and also that we felt in a feast more comfortably.

1. Physicians

polyclinic of Novosibirsk will accept From December, 31st till January, 9th visitors with 9. 00 to 15. 00. Registry, experts, procedural offices will work under the schedule.

work of hospitals will not interrupt also: will accept, survey, treat and write out patients from hospitals these days in a usual mode. Stomatologic polyclinics will work also with 9. 00 to 15. 00. And children and adults can receive the urgent help in stomatologic polyclinics นน 3 and 6 at any time. As to fracture clinics they also will work in feasts round the clock. The same concerns and “ First aid “. On New Year`s Eve the same as and always, brigades on duty will work.

2. Ground transport

Trolley buses, trams and buses will go on New Year`s Eve to 24. 00. In holidays, that is from January, 1 till January, 10th, the ground transport will work in a day off mode. It means that buses and “ horned “ on routes leaves less, than usually. It and is clear, hardly these days there will be rush hours. By the way, the working day at transport workers in prazd - niki will begin on an hour later, with 7. 00. And with 23. 00 buses and trolley buses to go any more will not be.

3. Underground

For the sake of celebrating novosibirtsev workers of underground are ready to be late New year on work to 2. 00. Such decision was accepted by underground administration under requests of townspeople. So interested persons can be in time for one only night to drive in ice small town on quay, to congratulate all relatives and to come back home to examine “ the Blue spark “.

4. Illumination

Good news to interested persons to walk on New Year`s Eve: numerous lanterns will burn all night long.

5. The markets

the Largest food markets of a city - “ Hiloksky “ “ Lenin “ “ Central “ and “ October “ - will have a rest on January, 1st and 2. To work sellers will begin on January, 3rd. The left-bank market also will open this day, but departments of articles of food will start to work only on January, 5th. So it is better to be reserved by products in advance. And here the flea market and will at all be closed almost for a week, from January, 1 till January, 5th.

6. The militia

As well as at physicians, at militia of New Year`s vacation will not be. As usual, since January and till the end of all feasts of guards of the law and order will work in the strengthened mode. That is postovyh and militiamen leaves on watch much more, than in usual days.

from edition: We congratulate all services which even will work on New Year`s Eve for the blessing of townspeople on a feast! Easy to you of watch, and also good luck, happiness and love in new year!

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