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Self-massage from a hang-over

In New Year`s feasts, as it is known, drink even jazvenniki and abstainers. And in the morning Quickly to bring itself round influence on bioactive points will help.

massage spend sitting. For each point allow time - 1-1,5 minutes. On all massage 15 minutes will leave approximately.

  1. to normalise pressure point massage will help with the deepening centre under an occipital hillock.
  2. then big and index fingers press on lobes of ears is will remove a feverish status.
  3. with bolshej force press on a point located in the centre between eyebrows directly over nose bridge.
  4. circular motions massage whisky.
  5. forefinger press on a point directly near by - over the upper lip centre.
  6. vibrating movements massage a point in a pole over a chin.
  7. now we will start hands. One of important points at all statuses connected with vegetative nervous system, - in the centre of inside of a palm.
  8. and in the end massage small pillows of little fingers - at first on left, then on a right hand.