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One and a half month with a bullet with a head

of veins 26 - summer Denis Smygalin

to Help the inhabitant of Kyzyl and to take a rubber bullet doctors of Novosibirsk regional hospital have agreed only. Unique operation lasted only 50 minutes. But the young man has spent all this time between life and death.

to Novosibirsk regional hospital from Kyzyl Denis have brought on December, 12th. The diagnosis which was put by doctors, was unfavourable: multiple fractures of obverse bones, a blood clot on a carotid and a rubber bullet which has got stuck in a skull. It is that there was a result of a meeting of Denis with hooligans. When it came back late at night home, unknown persons have shot to the guy at the person from a pistol the Wasp the bullet has punched the left eye. In a grave condition it have brought to the Tuva republican hospital. However a bullet from a head there could not pull out. There was no necessary equipment neither for correct diagnostics, nor for the operation.

To Michael Melnikovu, lor - to the surgeon, the doctor of medical sciences, the professor of Novosibirsk medical academy, about the heavy patient have told colleagues from Tuva. The professor has with a light heart agreed to accept the patient: it already did similar operations time and again.

- when I have seen Denis to me badly became, - Michael Nikolaevich remembers. - He already did not talk almost, and moved with great difficulty. It were available obvious infringements of function of a brain.

and from - for a blood clot on a carotid there was a threat krovopoteri which could lead to death of the patient directly on an operational table. But also to leave a bullet on a place too there were death similarly. Rubber not lead, in an organism does not get accustomed. And judging by a status of the guy, his life bill already went for days.

- when in the morning I went on operation scrolled in a head everything that we will need to make, - the professor tells. - about what friend I to think could not any more.

for operation were prepared carefully: Have brought three banks with a sufficient stock of blood, katetery, the special device which clears blood. There and then there were surgeons who were ready to tie up at any moment a carotid if all - taki opens a bleeding. To get a bullet it has been solved through a nose. On all at experts 50 minutes - record-breaking short term for such jeweller work have left. Only after that doctors could sigh with relief.

- the guy simply in a shirt was born, - doctors speak.

in four hours after operation Denis already could go and talk. However, till the end of its speech it was not restored yet - wound consequences have an effect. But till now at the sight of Melnikova, and other doctors, he jumps from a bed and tries to express the gratitude roughly. Still, doctors have presented it the costly present by New year - life.