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How to facilitate to itself life on feasts

From what the hang-over

Thanks to fast vsasyvaniju in blood alcohol practically simultaneously begins reaches many vitals. On a brain and the central nervous system it operates, speaking in images, as pletka on a restive horse: there is a sharp increase in activity, removal of brakes. For this reason, having accepted on a chest, many people become more resolute, free and, in particular, less sensitive to a pain. However soon activity flash turns around block, slackness, drowsiness. Infringement of functions of an internal at alcohol intake occurs from - that it not only directly influences cages and the nervous terminations, but also influences this or that body oposredovanno through the central nervous system. For example, the digestive path irritates alcohol practically completely, since an oral cavity. Most strongly influences a stomach mucous membrane. In the same way, as well as any other food, alcohol calls the strengthened work of gastric glands. However in this case gastric juice with very high maintenance of hydrochloric acid which does not split food is allocated, and as though preserves it. From here - unpleasant sensations of a heartburn, weight in a stomach, so often tested after yesterday`s . Getting to blood, alcohol beats on blood circulation bodies. As a rule, the pallor, the complicated breath, a headache become the most appreciable consequences of it: carrying capacity of blood vessels sharply decreases, and they cannot bear in enough to fabrics oxygen.

That it is better to drink

As a rule, the heaviest kinds of a hang-over - with a terrible headache, a nausea and even infringements of warm activity - call cognacs, whisky, brendi (that is the hard liquor received by long endurance and insisting), and also all kinds of sparkling and sparkling wines.

a little independently there is a red wine - it too becomes the reason of a strong headache from - for high maintenances so-called tiramina, gistaminopodobnogo the substance formed in the course of processing of a grape basis of such wines. Is better from a hang-over pure vodka (not guarantees nevertheless moonshine), gin (it is natural, with tonic, in a proportion not less 1:1,5), good white wines.

that it is tormentingly sick

Harmful influence of alcohol on an organism it was not possible to weaken, drinking a liquid considerable quantity. Alcohol breaks water balance of an organism, cages are strongly dehydrated, therefore after a feast it is desirable to drink ones and a half - two glasses of a liquid even if not so it would be desirable. Believe, in the morning you will not regret about such foresight.

by the way, it is not necessary to drink simultaneously with alcoholic drinks sparkling water (not to mention mixing of these in one vessel). The exception makes unless mineral water, and that is desirable, that it was cold and preliminary opened.

is better remove a hungover syndrome so-called daily allowances a Russian cabbage soup. Therefore prepare them still the day before. By a dinner of next day (and earlier all of you equally will not wake up) they will be drawn and will serve as excellent antihungover means.