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Andrey Menshikov flied to Sochi for the wife and daughters

Yesterday novosibirtsy have said goodbye to the fellow countryman who was lost in an air crash of flight ¹ 1047

In day of accident, when the airline plane “ Siberia “ following flight Moscow-Sochi, has disappeared from a radar, even officials could not declare with all confidence that onboard there were no passengers from Novosibirsk. A bit later all those who watched succession of events, have sighed easy: in the published lists of the lost passengers from capital of Siberia did not appear. A unique city on a letter “ N “ there was Norilsk. But in the end of last week sad news became known: onboard the ill-starred plane there was also our fellow countryman Andrey Menshikov.

... Having taken vacation in the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation where Andrey worked here four years after moving from Novosibirsk to Moscow, it together with wife Svetlana and two small daughters has gone to have a rest in Sochi. And any tragedy would not occur, if a day before accident it had not to take off urgently for Moscow on urgent matters. That ill-starred flight Andrey came back to the south to bring a family back home. But native and have not waited it... To the Rostov region Svetlana went accompanied by two friends of the husband.

Andrey have decided to bury in a native city. Yesterday on street Timirjazeva, 58, where in usual “ panelke “ there lives his mother, cars have started to approach since the morning, brought wreaths and huge bunches of flowers.

- never would think that my unique friend will be lost from hands of terrorists, - Vadim Kungurtsev, Andrey`s schoolmate speaks. - and who could assume the such? One of these days spoke with it by phone... It constantly flied by planes... Andrey on a broader scale was afraid of nothing...

Vadim had to incur efforts on the organisation of funeral. As he said, he did not invite officials to a funeral service. However in a court yard of Timirjazeva, 58, there was unexpectedly Victor Leonov, the chairman of country council of deputies of the Novosibirsk region.

- we are familiar with Andrey for a long time, - Victor Vasilevich speaks. - I am assured that in memory of people it remains the sincere, purposeful and noble person. Perhaps it will sound blasphemously, but is visible, and in the next world good people in deficiency.

by a dinner at an entrance 150 persons have gathered nearby. Schoolmates, relatives, colleagues on advertising agency and neighbours stood groups. The smell of medicines and tobacco soared in air. When to a catafalque have taken out the closed coffin with a photo, from a chest of mother of Andrey shrill shout has escaped. Even appeared here casually hardly constrained tears. And after ten-minute farewell the mourning train accompanied by cars of traffic police, has gone on the Zaeltsovsky cemetery.


We have called in the Ministry of transport of Russia, however on a place of service of Andrey Menshikov about its  destruction of the colleague knew nothing...


Andrey Anatolevich MENSHIKOV was born in 1966.

has ended fiziko - mathematical faculty NETI.

In 1992 has created advertising agency “ Sparsk “. Four years ago has moved to Moscow where has arrived on service in the Ministry of transport of Russia. Held supervising fast. Its competence included questions of creation of system of a cargo transportation. It still had wife and two daughters of three and four years.

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