Rus News Journal

the Delirium tremens with sapernoj a shovel

Plentiful commemorating of New year is pitiable was reflected on 49 - the summer inhabitant of street of Yesenin. The alcohol has rushed to the head to the master of the house, and it has attacked with sapernoj a shovel on an own family. Neighbours have heard shouts and have started to knock at the door, but not here - that was. The man has opened to nobody. The frightened tenants have called militia and rescuers. The arrived employees of Service of rescue have opened a door, and guards of the law and order have tied the disturber of calmness and have taken away in branch.

on New Year`s Eve without light and water

6 along the street Marata in Pervomaisk area the New Year`s eve has given Inhabitants of the house the surprises, truth not so pleasant. Akkurat before the feast near to the house has broken through a pipe. To close up a leak, the arrived employees of Gorvodokanala had to disconnect water at inhabitants of the nearby house. Both cold, and hot.

- In such cases disconnect water at night not to disturb inhabitants, - have informed in ZHEU 47. - So have made and this time.

and all anything, yes only this night was New Year`s. So, slept at this time a little. Next day a problem already have almost eliminated. Inhabitants now complain only of a weak pressure. To see, a sign have forgotten. As New year you will meet, so it and you will spend. Waterless.

in city parks under supervision... Of electricians

On a New Year`s eve in parks to the people it was full. Ominous forecasts of weather forecasters have not come true, and weather stood the warm. So many novosibirtsy have come to meet New year under a city fur-tree. And here the next days visitors it was frank a little - painfully severe frosts stood in the street. From - for a small number of townspeople entertaining programs though have not cancelled absolutely, but all - taki have reduced. At one o`clock. But electricians now should be on duty round the clock. From - for temperature drops there can be problems with electric garlands by which the fur-tree is decorated. However, meanwhile all managed.

dog hostels are overflowed

Before New year careful owners carried the pupils in hostel for dogs packs. Many inhabitants celebrated a feast in the country or on a broader scale left in other area, therefore left the favourites in hostel.

- open-air cages have been occupied from all of us, - cynologists have informed. - were not only dogs - also one cat have brought.

in hostel of shaggy lodgers feed well, therefore for them owners did not leave any special delicacies. By the way, one place was already released: recently have taken away a cat. There are days of abiding in hostel of 350 roubles. Services include a food, walks and leaving. Just in case write down phone: 214 - 84 - 17.