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The satirist Michael Zadornov moves to Novosibirsk

About it to the correspondent the known actor

On the eve of New Year`s feasts in local firm, organising has declared tours of the Russian stars, Michael Zadornov has called.

- I want to note New year in Novosibirsk with the wife and a daughter, - he has informed. - if will organise concerts, I will be glad...

Novosibirtsy have quickly bought up tickets for three concerts of the satirist.

on December, 30th Michael has arrived from Moscow and has lodged with a family in Academgorodok. It is said that, despite a frost, he has gone for a walk this very day on a city and even has gone down in our underground. However, there nobody has learnt it.

is an everyday occurrence, - Zadornov has told. - I as - that went from capital by train to Ural Mountains. Left at each station. To me sold pelmeni, shawls, toys. And nobody learnt! By the way, in Moscow I easy go in the underground. And too nobody rushes behind the autograph. And in an underground I go down from - that on stopper roads.

- Michael, at us too huge stoppers! - we were indignant.

- it is not necessary to me here on a violin to play, - he has laughed. - do not dishonour a word stoppers . At us all business in an underground has gone down. Because movement in Moscow has simply stopped. Represent, 12 security guards come into transition, raspaltsovkoj to crowd cling, and behind them tolstopuz - a purse. And I without the security guard go, therefore nobody learns me.

but it has appeared that Zadornov not simply so came to Novosibirsk. It plans to move here. And next year.

- why? It will be difficult to you to explain it... - Michael continues. - I very much love Novosibirsk, especially Academgorodok... Not without reason Americans go here and think: whom still to entice? Last scientific achievements of America - thanks to Academgorodok. Besides, here I can bring more advantage, than in capital. It is possible to open, for example, the school with good system of training, is not worse at all than the western. Moscow - a city of a party with pop thoughts. And I not needed so to live for long, that I spent life on to Factory of stars ...