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Officials will work for 12 hours

Such situation will last until frosts

will fall down it Concerns those who is responsible for transport and public utilities. The head of department of transport and dorozhno - blagoustroitelnogo a complex of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk Andrey Ksenzov has obliged subordinated to be on workplaces to 22. 00. Besides, always on fighting fast there should be experts who can debug and failures.

Have taken care and of those who should work in the open air. Now heads of the municipal enterprises should, in - the first, to supervise an operation mode of subordinates, and in - the second, to create conditions that people could where - that to get warm. And from commercial carriers have demanded, despite frosts, to adhere to the train diagramme that people did not freeze at stops. Infringers will punish, up to cancellation of contracts.

- Now our experts check each house, - Sergey KOLYSHKIN, the vice-president of committee of housing and communal services of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk speaks. - look, a leah is not present the broken windows and open window leaves at entrances, a leah locks on the doors conducting in cellars and attics everywhere hang. If something is not perfectly in order, we there and then try to debug.

Besides, in a city night watches of emergency services are entered. The mechanic, the electrician and the welder should enter into a brigade of fast reaction necessarily.

write down phone!

051 - the central dispatching service of the mayoralty (round-the-clock multichannel phone).