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When to wait for warming?

the next three days in a city strong frosts will be saved. And today, under forecasts, the frost will amplify. If yesterday the thermometer column has fallen at night to-30,-36 on the night of January, 13th the temperature will come nearer to-40, on area - to-50, in the afternoon on January, 13th in a city the temperature-32,-37 is expected.

Speed of a wind which blows with severo - the east, decent for such cold - to 9 m/ with, and on area impulses reach 12 m/ with. However, the next days the wind should oslabnut.

And here frosts will recede only on January, 14-16th. During this period the temperature will start to raise, but very slowly. By January, 16th at night the frost oslabnet to-20,-25, is expected 13-18 degrees of a frost in the afternoon.

strangely enough, but such frosts at us happen infrequently. For last 100 years the temperature below 40 degrees is noted only 15 times. Last strong frost was in the first days 2000, the coldest day has had for January, 7th, this day the thermometer column has fallen to a mark of 45 degrees. The absolute minimum of temperature is registered in Novosibirsk on January, 9th, 1915 - 51,5 degrees of a frost.


So to whom to believe?

the Weather forecast - the most unreliable information. The proof to they be absolutely different data on weather in Novosibirsk for these days which give different sources.