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To whom in frosts to live well?

It appears, to fishes in Ob and an animal in a zoo.

Sharp frosts favorably affect population of the fishes, preferring to winter on shoal of the Obsky water basin. After all if the river in ice is not dressed, its current is not slowed down, water quickly leaves, baring thus system of city water fences.

It is necessary to dump in addition water from the Obsky water basin to cover become bare pipes. To a city it is good, and to fish in a water basin it is bad. Therefrom water leaves. In shallows where like to winter a pike perch and leshch, it becomes ever less, and there can come the moment when ice and at all will crush the small fish, not had time to retire on depth. Here also it turns out that the frost favorably affects life of fishes. Ice in the river gets fat, water does not leave a water basin, and to fishes - happiness.

not for nothing and animals of the Novosibirsk zoo, about 60 which % live in open open-air cages. To all of them now every day give a double portion of a forage. Besides one day of limited intake of food in a week there too have cancelled.