Rus News Journal

In a minus 35

Very long ago already anybody from fans will not remember bandy, when matches on bandy were cancelled from - for such nonsenses as a severe frost

the following has been appointed To January, 11th in Novosibirsk: the next match of national championship on bandy Sibselmash - Lesohimik (Ust - Ilimsk) and temperature of air to a minus 35. How one is compatible to another? Easily! In it is that all charm of this sport! The match will take place under any weather conditions though in rules the return is told.

together with thermophilic Europeans (they call bandy - bendi) the international rule has been developed: at temperature more low the minus can be transferred 25 match. If and in Russia accurately followed this rule, it should to cancel half janvarsko - February matches. Therefore at us it is accepted to play to a minus 35 with a wind yes to reduce duration of times till 30 minutes. And anybody from commands especially does not mind! If frosts are even stronger - the decision is accepted by the judge.

therefore type excuses uh as it is cold! are not taken seriously. The cold is only additional stimulus, a juicy detail of this sport. The notice, of course, it has not turned out. The most cold-resistant fans have come. It was typed them at most three hundreds. (Though in the official report attendance what for - that have seriously overestimated and have put figure 1800.) But this mighty small group has reacted to the first goal scored by owners as it is necessary: speak, a roar Go - about - ol! it was audible even outside of stadium Sibselmash - 1:0 after Sviridov`s throw on 10 - j to minute. And further - even 20 minutes skipping on a frost, and 1 - j the time is finished. Spectators were already fairly warmed up by alcohol. Even speech is not present that fi as it is uncivilized . It is a survival question. Drink practically all. Also do not hide it.

in 2 - j tridtsatiminutke events developed as well as possible for the command of owners and its adherents: Sviridov`s one more pass, two successively an exact shot of Turkova, goals of Chehutina and Shevyrev - and match exod is clear even to the drunk observer. 6:0! Victory over the strong outsider approaches! It is possible to go on houses? As though not so!

Constant spectators Andryukha and Eugene dark blue fingers lift plastic glasses: For victory!

- and without this fuel in such frosts - anywhere! - Eugene speaks. - between us: heard, as hockey players in a break accept...

... In 3 - m the period it is red - dark blue (not from a frost - colours of the form such) sibselmashevtsy, on pleasure to freezing public, have completed defeat. 9:1 - the ruthless match is finished. Lost is, victims are not present.