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Vladimir Jurzinov - younger: Today there was not our day

Metallurgists have hammered Siberia 9 sound washers

without having had time to recover after defeat in Yaroslavl, Siberia has got under distribution in a match with the leader in a native city. Only few naive dreamers could hope for victory in a mast with Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist - the indisputable and individual leader of the Superleague, the owner of the Cup of Spengler. But what for - that all - taki in LDS Siberia the countless multitudes to the people have jammed? Perhaps, to look at game of young Ural bestowal - Evgenie Malkin? If so Evgenie - the genius has not discouraged anybody. 1 - ju it has hammered in a washer into our gate already on 2 - j to minute, then has afflicted Siberians in the middle of game, has distributed 3 transfers to partners, and into last - 9 - ju - has gone right at the end. Its eminent partners too have tried: already to 17 - j to minute we burnt 1:3. JUrzinov has thought was that business in bad game of goalkeeper Vjuhina, but replaced it in collars Kulikov has passed successively 3 more washers. Return replacement of the goalkeeper follows - flies 8 - I a washer. A result - 2:9. At such defeat of a washer of two our Deniss - Shvidkogo and Kochetkova - can consider as exploit.