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The pensioner has died in a polyclinic lobby

According to eyewitnesses, anybody from doctors has not tried to help the woman

About this case to us one of constant readers who lives in Kirovsk area has told:

- Today on my eyes in our polyclinic the woman has died, - it has phoned. Also has added: - It was helped by doctors.

according to the reader, to the elderly woman became badly directly in polyclinic foyer 13, but people in white dressing gowns easy passed by the pensioner lying on a floor. To help it hurried nobody. Only in some minutes the appeared in time medical assistant has tried to make something. But all was vain. The doctor who has gone down at last needed to fix death only.

if it is fair, all this history hardly goes in. Simply it is not believed that doctors could appear so indifferent to a human misfortune. Really so was actually?

- We, of course, strongly do not blame doctors, god they the judge, - are spoken by the died Elena Sergeevny Sokolovoj`s relatives. - But all could develop absolutely on - to another.

Elena Sergeevna - the old patient of polyclinic. With the years her began to disturb strongly an asthma and heartaches. It and is clear, this year to it 80 years should be executed. However, despite age, she never did nothing. That with numerous acquaintances communicated, on the house to the native helped... Here only to be stirred to it it was impossible.

that day it has gone to polyclinic behind documents which were necessary for physical inability registration. Native remember that in the morning Elena Sergeevna was in good mood, but the son who has arrived for a dinner has found it in terrible stirring.

- it all shook, - Galina tells SOKOLOV, the daughter - in-law of the died. - she has told that it have offended in polyclinic when she tried to take away documents.

the son as could, has calmed mother and has left for work. And a little later directly on a threshold of medical institution the grandson has faced it - Andrey who too has come there on the affairs.

- I only entrance have opened doors, I look - under hands any woman conducts the grandmother, - Andrey remembers. - I have set her on a chair directly near an input.

but here the sick woman has started to choke. Andrey has got a fright and has started to call to the aid.

- patients of polyclinic who tried to do artificial breath Have responded only and to draw attention of doctors, - Andrey tells. - on a corridor passed many doctors, but all by. Anybody has not stopped at all to help.

according to the young man, Galina Svjatova, the medical assistant of polyclinic has helped them only. The woman has run behind a tonometer, has asked workers of registry to call First aid . But by then, on Andrey`s sensations, has passed already whole 10 minutes.

- the doctor on duty has gone down, when was already too late, - Andrey speaks. - And in registry so anybody also has not made anything.

at employees of polyclinic other version of the happened.

- I, of course, to you constantly cannot paint action of doctors, - explains Tatyana GULJAEV, and. An island of the head physician of medical institution. - but, I assure you, we have done the utmost for rescue of life of the woman. Also helped it not only one Galina Ivanovna, but also other nurses and doctors. Simply relatives of this medical assistant well know, here and have remembered most of all. And our doctor could not offend our patient, I fine know it, it is not capable of it.

the pensioner have buried on Kleshchihe. Upon her death management of public health services of the mayoralty inspects. And the snow-white cat the Down - Elena Sergeevny`s favourite - now in loneliness spends the day and spends the night on its sofa and does not understand, why the favourite mistress so long does not come back.

dear readers!
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