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Infringers of new rules already fine

At drivers there is no time for car alteration

Since January, 1st across all Russia already new traffic regulations have started to operate. However, in many cities to drivers of a distance of odds month - ones and a half that they could result sub-standard cars in an order. Alas, to Novosibirsk drivers has not carried. Yesterday the Novosibirsk heads of GAI have decided to explain some moments to drivers through mass-media. The first question which was set by journalists to people in epaulets:

- When in Novosibirsk will start to fine for infringement of new rules?

- so it is already fined, - Andrey MOLCHANOV, the senior state inspector of department of technical supervision and a registration examination-paper of traffic police of area was surprised. - rules have started to operate since January, 1st, means, and to fine we have the right from the beginning of year. However, from - for long prazd - nikov not all had time to equip the cars how it is necessary. Therefore, to fine or not for a concrete offence, the car inspector in certain cases solves.

stranger situation has developed with cars, on which povorotniki the American sample. Make them on the European sample can practically in any car-care centre of Novosibirsk. All this pleasure in 200-500 rub will manage - pour for two headlights (depends on the stamp of the car and service level). But by new rules any changes of a design of the car, not provided by manufacturer are forbidden.

- replacement povorotnikov is, of course, infringement, but formal, - Michael SAFONOV, the chief of branch of administrative practice and inquiry of traffic police of area explains. - to go on it it is necessary. The main thing that it will be necessary to make then, is to register changes in regional branch of traffic police.

It turns out to execute one writ of the law, it is necessary to break another. In this really a farcical situation suffer affliction not only drivers, but also inspectors of traffic police who daily should solve now practically gamletovsky a question - to fine or not to fine. And, most likely, in most cases inspectors will make decision - to fine!