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the Federal law of the Russian Federation About alternative civil service . Results and prospects of application of the law in NSO .

on January, 18th in a press - the centre - Novosibirsk has taken place a press - conference the Federal law of the Russian Federation About alternative civil service . Results and prospects of application of the law in NSO .

Participants a press - conferences:

O.Trofimova: Good afternoon, dear colleagues. Today a subject sew a press - conferences the Federal law of the Russian Federation About alternative civil service Results and prospects of application of the law in NSO .
It is executed two years from the date of coming into force of the Federal law of the Russian Federation About alternative civil service . Now in Russia alternative civil service there pass only 536 persons. Since action of the law on alternative civil service has passed three appeals, now there is the fourth. In the spring of 2005 on AGS 136 persons have come only. At the same time the Russian labour market has chronic deficiency of labour in 40 thousand persons by more than 300 trades on socially useful both socially significant works. And my first question is addressed Olga Vladimirovne: Who and where takes place alternative service?

O.V.Moskvin: I Will tell about work which is carried out by recruits as I will cite some statistical data, I will tell some words about how our fellow countrymen serve in other territories because we work in contact to corresponding placement services of those territories where we are directed alternatively - employees.

in 2004 as a whole across Russia and across the Novosibirsk region there was a greatest quantity of references concerning replacement of military service alternative civil. Across Russia all 1800 statements have been submitted. At us in the city of Novosibirsk 12 statements for replacement of military service alternative have been submitted.
approximately 70 % on Russia were accepted positive decisions on replacement of military service alternative civil. At us it was accepted not much more - - 83 %. And accordingly 10 persons have acquired such right about replacement of military service by alternative service.
what educational structure of alternative employees? One person from these 10 who has acquired the right to replacement of military service on alternative, had incomplete higher education. By the way, I will tell that during passage AGS it has finished education. He in absentia studied at the Siberian state university of telecommunications and computer science, has already finished HIGH SCHOOL, has received the diploma, and now continues alternative service. Service life at it will be reduced. More in detail about it it will be told further, we will explain conditions at which term of passage of alternative service is reduced.
4 persons had average vocational training, 3 persons had initial vocational training. And 6 persons, from everything, had no experience. And more some interesting figures, from my point of view.

In 2004 at us in area to two people it has been refused replacement of a call-up liability alternative civil as the presented documents did not correspond to an argument of citizens that their belief contradict passage of military service. To two recruits in which relation invocatory the commissions have taken out the conclusion about replacement of military service, the delay - to one of them for training deprivation, and to another on a state of health has been given. And here, 4 persons in 2004 have been directed on alternative service. 1 person has been directed in 2005 and one person will be directed in 2006. 2 persons at us have refused passage of alternative civil service, it just from those ten persons by whom the replacement right has been granted. Criminal cases, on one are raised, on the second of not taken place alternativshchikov are already pronounced a sentence. On one criminal case punishment - the penalty 30 is provided. 000 roubles and this citizen lose the right alternatively to minister, it will be called on military service.
I can tell, dear participants a press - conferences that during a spring and autumn appeal of 2005 has not been put in any statement on replacement of military service of the alternative civil. As a whole across Russia such statistics on 2005: 854 statements are submitted and the positive decision on 547 citizens is accepted. For today in Russia of 35 % on a territorial principle minister more than 540 persons, from them.

at the moment at us in area about alternative civil service three persons: one of Abakan, the Irkutsk region and Krasnoyarsk region. I left on places of their service, looked a working condition, residing.
our five fellow countrymen minister in other territories: two persons minister in Tatarstan, at the Kazan powder mill. By the way, I can tell, children work as milling-machine operators and z/ the payment makes them about four thousand roubles. Conditions of residing at them too normal, live they in the arranged well hostels. In this plan that`s OK. By the way, such figure interesting: in total at the Kazan powder mill of 47 persons from all Russia pass AGS. That is it is great volume for one enterprise. Three at us the maximum, there 47 - - is a difference in figures. One our fellow countryman ministers in the Ivanovo area. This establishment of execution of punishments of MinJusta of Russia. In the beginning he worked the tractor operator - the machinist, as well as has been declared in vacancies on AGS and literally since November, 10th it became managers of a warehouse of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. It well worked on a former post and we are glad for it that it has promoted on service. And z/ a payment at it hardly more than 2 thousand roubles taking into account granting of free habitation and a food. One more our fellow countryman too works the tractor operator - the machinist in the Kostroma region and one person works as the hospital attendant in the house - a boarding school in the Ryazan region.

At the moment DEWS Work and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection form the list of kinds of works, the list of specialities on which will work alternativshchiki in 2006. The administration of the Novosibirsk region too has prepared the list on the organisations. I can say following figures. There will be 6 organisations by 9 kinds of works and on 34 vacancies. For 2006 following vacancies are offered: hospital attendants, the rate from 800 roubles to 980 roubles; the fireman the tariff rate from 3,5 to 4 thousand; the lawyer - the consul - 4,5 thousand roubles; and so on. Further this list will be expanded, because vacancies of the organisations to subordinated enforcement authorities and federal enforcement authorities will be included and consequently this list will be expanded.
I can result still to you such information. Under the previous lists 2004 - 2005 - vacancies have been distributed as follows - the data across Novosibirsk. Approximately 8 % of vacancies were for recruits possessing the higher vocational training, 25 % for experts with average vocational training, 22 % for applicants with initial vocational training and without requirements to professional to education hardly are less than 40 %.
It while weight if then I will be questions I with pleasure will respond to them.

O.Trofimova: Thanks you for so detailed answer. Now a question to Inge Jurevne. A leah is today AGS one of ways of evasion from military service?

I.Ju.Maljarchuk: Dear colleagues, all of you fine know that the Law replacing military service of the civil alternative has come into force since January, 1st, 2004. We almost waited for 9 years adoption of this law. The constitution has intoned the right of each citizen to alternative service, but the Law long time was not accepted. And here now this Law has appeared. The Law understands a special kind of labour activity which is carried out, first of all, in interests of a society and for replacement of a call-up liability with alternative civil service as alternative civil service.

the alternative civil service is not a version state, especially municipal, or military service. But it, on the one hand should provide all other kinds of social activity including public service both municipal, and military, and on the other hand, it is possibility to realise the right of the citizen, having refused execution of a conscription by service on an appeal. Pressing forward of the citizen realise the constitutional law on replacement of call-up liability AGS it can not to be considered from that point of view that it evades from execution of the conscription and does not form the basis for application to it of measures of criminal or other prosecution. It still was intoned in due time by the constitutional court, in the decision considering concrete case. In the Federal law the bases for replacement of military service AGS are defined.
the Military service is replaced on alternative if it contradicts belief of the recruit if contradicts its confessions if the citizen concerns a little numerical radical people, conducts the traditional way of life, a traditional image of the managing, a traditional image of a national craft.
it is doubtless, the positive moment of this Law is that the citizen has received replacement of military civil service on AGS. With it the employer concludes the urgent labour contract for passage of military service and, accordingly, from this point on all mutual relations with the employer are regulated by norms of the labour code with all features which are provided in the Federal law about AGS.
However this Law contains a number of interdictions which the citizen in passage AGS should carry out. It not in the right to refuse the conclusion of the urgent labour contract, it cannot occupy supervising posts, it cannot carry out enterprise activity as itself, and through authorised representatives, and not in the right to stop itself, on the personal initiative, at own will, to stop the urgent labour contract.

O.Trofimova: Thanks. As Olga Vladimirovna has already told, to two citizens has been refused replacement of military service by the alternative civil. And for what reasons? I address this question to Edward Vladimirovichu.

N. V.Zevin: Since 2004 it has been at present refused 2 chelovekam granting by alternative of civil service. The military commissariat of Kochenevsky area and military commissariat of the Soviet area as characterising documents and other data did not correspond to arguments of citizens that passage of military service contradicts their belief and confession have refused.
as it does a military commissariat of the Novosibirsk region. I will show on one example. I, as responsible for this direction and watching legality observance in this question, directly was present at this hearing. I can tell that the boy who has come with the parents, sat simply silently and could not even tell, where at it pass sessions, it concerns to to Witnesses of Iegovym . And all were told by the father and mum. Here. Also pressed on the invocatory commission. Therefore, having considered all these arguments, the commission has refused to it and, a consequence, the boy was all the same recognised is limited suitable for passage the military man of service, and it has not gone to army.

O.Trofimova: Tell, and a leah makes a competition to military service AGS? A leah will turn out so, what soon all will want to minister on AGS?

E. V.Zevin: Across the Novosibirsk region are called and poison to minister in armed forces about 6000 inhabitants of our area. Therefore, since 2004 - and it at present 13 persons, I do not consider that AGS it at all a competition for armed forces. Already the Law operates two years, experience in this area at us already is.

TV program time Sign : Nikolay Vladimirovich, what you can tell about those people who have decided to pass AGS? What do they do? Tell, your impressions of these children.

N. V.Yakushev: One year ago where - that in December or January to me there have arrived three children on alternative service. Children have arrived, one even with the wife, we it selected a premise. At first children have been arranged on a post of hospital attendants. Conditions among patients of the house - a boarding school certainly difficult. The word special knowingly sounds in the house - a boarding school, the Bibihinsky special house - a boarding school. It is a category of people which has committed in due time a crime before people, the state, have stayed the big terms, including under heavy articles, on several terms. At them the original psychology they also conduct themselves not always in those norms and rules which usual people behave. To work with them it is not simple. With them it is necessary to find any general combination, to understand them in any measure, to go in something on a meeting, in something to the contrary it is necessary to be more religiously. Children who have started to work there, basically good fellows. They have managed to begin this work and have managed to find common language. It is especially difficult to work in mercy branch where people practically lie, some persons, many are limited in movement, in connection with loss of extremities - are not able to look after itself. There are people lost sight, there are deaf persons, i.e. Those people who demand a lot of work. Thus z/ a payment not the high. These are initial digit icon settings 800 - - 1000 roubles. And, of course, from the population very few people go for such work. Because, once again I repeat, it not simple work, people which lie - behind them full leaving is necessary.

after they have started to work and have grown roots are a summer. More close by the autumn personnel questions were solved, and there was a necessity to use their higher educational potential. Eugene Derebenjuk has finished in due time before an appeal technical school road, and to use it simply hospital attendant... I have directed it, on it certainly to the consent, in a motor car park. It now goes and is responsible for an ambulance and part time is responsible for other ambulance, thereby having increased it z/ a payment. Now it receives on hands - - 3600 - 3700 roubles under our conditions.
Sasha of Scraps has gone to us on a meeting and was translated in a boiler-house. It very much a hard work, boiler the old sample, coal, conditions there not simple and here he has agreed to work there. Certainly z/ a payment there above - - about 4500 roubles. But the most important thing, he has agreed to carry out this hard work, especially during the winter period, here in these colds.
Novitsky Alexander, which married has arrived, it has asked to leave from this work. With such work it was difficult to it to consult, psychologically difficult. I have gone on a meeting and have translated its mechanic - the sanitary technician. Approximately so they were now arranged and on these posts work. Z/ a payment the governor has established a minimum of 2817 roubles, and here from 2 817 to 4,5 thousand roubles and children receive.

to conduct - Novosibirsk : Who on AGS supervises all movement and watches life of recruits?

I.Ju.Maljarchuk: First of all, supervises a commissariat, employers with whom the urgent labour contract is concluded, also control functions for passage, for dismissal are assigned now and to federal services on work and the employment which territorial body is also our Management.

radio JUniton : Where to the person to bear the statement and how will arrive on AGS?

O.V.Moskvin: It is necessary to be converted into the invocatory commissions. Statements and all corresponding documents which confirm that belief of the person contradict execution of military service are put in. The person should arrive to the commission personally.

O.Trofimova: Thanks the big our participants, thanks big to you of the colleague that you have come to us today.