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To teenagers have forbidden to drink beer

And those who sells its minor, will fine

Since January, 8th, 2006 amendments to the Code about administrative offences of the Russian Federation which establish administrative responsibility for consumption of low alcohol drinks (including beer) in public places have come into force. What has changed with their acceptance? We were converted behind comments into Novosibirsk representation of the brewing company Baltic .

- Amendments about which there is a speech, establish the concrete mechanism of liability of infringement of the law accepted still in last year, - Vitaly VASILEV, the head of marketing division of the brewing company " has told; Baltic in Novosibirsk. - speech does not go about an absolute prohibition of the use of beer in the street. It would not correspond to our realities as at us while the system of bars and restaurants is insufficiently developed. The law establishes concrete places where it is impossible to sell and drink low alcohol drinks: in the children`s, educational and medical organisations; in all kinds of public transport (city and suburban); in the culture organisations (except for located in them cafe and bars), fizkulturno - improving and sports constructions. That is, being, for example, in usual square or in the street, the adult person can quite drink beer, and anybody for it has not the right to punish it.

by the way, regional and local authorities the list of the places defined by the federal law where sale and the beer use are forbidden has not the right to supplement. To establish additional penalties for these offences or increase their sizes of local authorities also cannot.

as the Russian manufacturers of beer have concerned innovations? It would Seem, their interests are touched. However the Union of the Russian Brewers was the initiator of introduction of more strict restrictions.

- The Main plus that sale and drinking of beer by minors are forbidden, - was explained by Vitaly Vasilev. - With this initiative still three years ago brewers were converted into the State Duma, and our wishes at last have found the embodiment. Decrease in sales volumes brewers do not expect, after all our production is focused on people more advanced age. Unfortunately, workers of shops frequently sell beer to teenagers. We had to conduct with them explanatory work. Now infringers of rules of retail trade are threatened with penalties.