Rus News Journal

sell automatic machines

Now the favourite newspaper it is possible to buy in cash halls of the underground

the Young man hasty will run on steps, on the move gets an underground counter. Just a moment! Brakes at the newspaper automatic machine, presses the button and lowers in a crack some coins. Some seconds, and in hands appear the fresh newspaper. Now it is possible to see news and interesting articles while the underground train rushes towards office.

it not shots from the western film, and at all a commercial. At stations of Novosibirsk underground newspaper automatic machines where it is possible to buy " now are established; since early morning until late at night.

now attention: what exactly is on sale in the automatic machine? Bend fingers: a hot of daily release a weekly journal - - the fatty convenient and functional TV program. And there is more to come - in automatic machines there was a long-awaited book The Kremlin diet which our Moscow colleague, the verifier of the most popular way of a weight loss Evgenie Chernyh has written. On a broader scale editions the first in Novosibirsk began to be on sale in newspaper automatic machines of the underground.

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