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Holy water will protect from all misfortunes

According to ecclesiastics, water will suffice on all

Today a feast epiphany. So, near all temples huge turns behind holy water will be built. It is considered that baklazhka the water taken from church this day, can protect you from illnesses and misfortunes for the whole year. Here also there are since the morning people, as a rule the advanced age, loaded with bottles.

- be not stirred, holy water on all will suffice, - have calmed us in Orthodox ward in honour of Christmas of the Holy Virgin Theotokos. - to distribute it will begin right after liturgies, where - that nearby 11. 00.

Usually the greatest turns are built to the Voznesensky cathedral, therefore there it is better to come in advance. As services in each temple come to an end at various times. By the way, ecclesiastics type water from - under the usual crane. Unusual properties (that it is necessary its ability to long storage) to it are given by the subsequent sanctification. By the way, employees of the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii in the Novosibirsk region never check holy water on presence of microbes. Also has put here at all in religion.

- never was any claims from people, therefore we and did not check, - health officers have informed. - so if tomorrow we also will go to church, only behind water for ourselves. On tests we will not take it.

in many cities to this feast accept the raised security measures, but at us usually problems do not arise. Despite chaoses, call First aid to doors of churches this day infrequently.

- we on a broader scale - that feasts not so favour, - doctors, - in target and holidays of calls sigh much more. But epiphany is a special case. This day passes easy. Though forecasts always to give difficult. Time will tell.

by the way, one more ceremonial which this day is carried out by many zealous prihozhami, - bathing in an ice-hole. Usually at us do ice-holes in Iskitim, Spoons, Academgorodok, Berdsk and on Ob in the Novosibirsk. In Moscow places kreshchenskih a bathing protect groups of rescuers, and here at us any special orders to employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures in this respect did not arrive.

- on my memory yet there were no cases that someone has fallen in an ice-hole, - Alexander JANKOV, the chief regional poiskovo - a life-saving service tells. - the same people usually come, therefore about all safety measures they already know. And can, this day God protects them. However, if special orders from administration follow or all - taki something happens, we are always ready to come to the rescue.