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The driver naehalna the GAI officer

Of traffic police are assured that it it has made specially

Edkart Danilson, the inspector of traffic police of Railway area, as usual, since the morning has taken up watch. About three o`clock in the afternoon on road has seemed Mazda - the Chapel without the checkup coupon on a windshield. The car inspector tormoznul a foreign car, but in the answer has heard obscene abuse. According to Edkarta of Vladimirovich, he has tried to deduce the boor - the infringer from the car, but not here - that was. The driver of a foreign car has given on gases and has turned out a wheel to the right to press the representative of an order to a border. To the aid to the colleague another has appeared in time gibededeshnik which stood nearby.

- in language of traffic regulations it is called deliberate arrival, - Anna VARNOVSKY, the inspector of propagation of traffic safety of traffic police of Railway area speaks. - that is it has made it not casually, and saw that presses the person.

However, at arrested person Sergey Kolotkova the version of the happened. As he said, he simply wanted to turn to the right, and to knock down the GAI officer at it and in thoughts was not!

- I though and not the motorist, but even am clear to me that such is hardly possible, - Alexey GONCHAROV, the inspector of regional Office of Public Prosecutor doubts.

Besides, on hands at a consequence the medical inquiry: the militiaman as a result of incident has received brain concussion. Clearly, as the driven driver doubts its validity.

by the way as it has appeared, citizen Kolotkov only has left one year ago places of confinement, having stayed six years for theft. Now it anywhere does not work, and the car at all it. Kolotkov took it from friend to drive. Against the unlucky motorist criminal case under item 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" is brought; application of violence concerning the representative of the power ). And the suffered inspector after the urged rest already comes to work today.