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The wife of the businessman protects the husband in court

Andrey Staryh accuse of the organisation of murder of the competitor

this History old. In 1996 at own office have shot Gennady Miller, the director of Novosibirsk base of Rosposyltorg. The businessman has left from the summer residence in settlement Garden. On road he has seen the voting man. The businessman has braked, has asked, where it is necessary to go. It has appeared that almost on the way - to the man it is necessary for them on street National where there is Miller`s office. But as soon as the car has stopped at the necessary building, the unknown person has got a pistol...

this murder has taken the place in a turn not opened orders the ninetieth. About a crime very soon all have forgotten. Have remembered about it only later 9 years. At first have detained the prospective executor of murder, that fellow traveller - Sergey Homjakova, and on March, 21st, 2005 have detained the prospective customer - Andrey Staryh. This news to business circles of a city was like a bolt from the blue. Andrey Viktorovich - the known person in Novosibirsk, it holds fasts of the chairman of regional branch of the All-Russia volunteer society Sports Russia and the president of club of combat sports.

... The escort has resulted Andrey Staryh on a dock hardly earlier the session beginning. Therefore it had time to be thrown by pair phrases with the wife. It is more than anybody from relatives and friends accused of a hall were not (certainly, short of lawyers relatives). That is interesting, on process Victoria Staryh was as the defender of the husband.

for the person, almost year stayed in an insulator, Andrey Viktorovich looked more than well: a grey faultless business suit, a white shirt and an accurate short hairstyle.

- I greet you, different dear journalists, - with such words Andrey Staryh was converted to the representatives who have entered into a hall of mass media. - I understand all, at you work such.

The State accuser Vasily Musatkin was converted to jurymen with an opening address in which has described a charge essence. In far 1996 Andrey Staryh owned a part of actions of joint-stock company Torgmashservis through the first wife (Tatyana Staryh, is shot in August, 2001). At the same time the founder Torgmashservisa Galina Galanova (it - the director of night club Vinners in which building Andrey Staryh accepted the feasible financial help) has collected through court at Novosibirsk factory of chemical concentrates the round sum of 10 billion old roubles. Round this money the present fight has inflamed. Because the former director Torgmashservisa Gennady Miller has had time to quarrel by then with the former partners Old and Galanovoj and has headed other organisation - Rosposyltorg. But the most terrible for Old was that Miller was ready to confirm under the oath that Torgmashservis Has received debts under lime documents. Old in this conflict has decided to support the woman. Result - Miller`s corpse in May, 1996.... Particularly Andrey Staryh have accused of the murder organisation, extortion both illegal storage and weapon acquisition.

the hall has exhaled and began to wait witnesses from charge. Clear business, both Hamsters, and Old in the answer have there and then declared the innocence. At this time something has guarded the employee of an escort: defenders have closely clung to a lattice behind which were accused. It seems that the security guard has suspected the wrong...

- dear defenders, or as you there... - the militiaman has bellowed. - Be removed from a lattice! Once again the such I will see - I will take measures!

and then two witnesses have entered into a boardroom - Andrey Viktorovicha`s former friends on club Pervomaets have acted on the party of an accuser. The former vice-president of club of combat sports Alexander Elishev has told that Old has suggested Homjakovu to go once on murder. That not only has executed the commission, but also on - malchisheski was praised by it before friends. And then at it has appeared Mercedes . It is said that so Old has thanked the guy for work. At that point in time the murderer was 18 years old.

- hamsters was a right hand Old, - Elishev has concluded.

Now the word reciprocal will be held by protection. But it will be already at following session, on Monday.

( continues to watch closely succession of events.)