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Russian rich men have bought new Courchevel

In our taste - with a gold stucco moulding

On a map of Europe, seemingly, was definitively drew new ekstra - fashionable “ Russian “ a resort. Forte dei Marmi, the small town at coast of Italy, in Tuscany, in the face of the amazed local residents for any couple of years became the second Courchevel.

New owners of silent resort small town prefer grandiose parties with obligatory prefixes “ elite “ or “ a premium “. Russian money has inflated the prices for all goods and services in Forte dei Marmi, and now it is the most expensive settlement in Italy.

On a place of ordinary-looking two-stars board it is less than for a year has grown four-storeyed Grand hotel Imperial. Naturally, in Russian taste - with marble facing and the gilt stucco moulding. Night in it costs from thousand to 2800 dollars.  

the Mayor on the verge of a nervous breakdown

the Elite of all two months ago the mayor Forte dei Marmi Umberto Buratti already on the verge of a nervous breakdown, after all he has promised to voters “ to return life in a traditional channel “.  

- Really you so are afraid of Russian? - It is asked its subordinate, the municipal adviser for tourism and an accomplishment of Mario Marnetti.

- Not that that we very much are afraid, - he responds. - transactions under the purchase of houses all the same are registered almost every day. But when not so long ago from your Irkutsk the offer on tower purchase " has arrived; Forte “ - and it is local pride and place of interest, a unique museum in Italy political satire, is was already too. We do not buy your Kremlin. After that the mayor has imposed restrictions on sale of buildings in city centre.

However, Italians ability quickly always distinguished to adapt and derive from all benefit. Many hurry now to sell the house or apartment in Forte dei Marmi while the mayor has not forbidden all transactions with Russian on a broader scale. Resort streets dazzle with announcements of real estate sale in Russian. Rather modest (to measures situated near Moscow) the country houses for a long time dreaming of repair, are on sale for 10 - 15 million euro.

All housekeeping staff of a city from headwaiters to ordinary rescuers strenuously is learnt by Russian, and that in Imperial was already typed “ imported “ blond beauties - for workplaces in “ gold eldorado “ it is necessary to be overcome!

Nonalcoholic aperitif since morning. Horror!

On the central small streets Forte dei Marmi for last year have opened tens expensive shops, including boutiques Gucci, Prada and Burberry, and show-windows are already similar more likely on Moscow, rather than Central European: It is a lot of gold, semi-precious stones and not on - local high hairpins. “ all is sold during the moment, the goods is simply put out “ - whether complains, whether the mistress of a fashionable boutique in the central street Karduchchi brags.

Tourist industry hardly gets ready to be arranged under tastes and preferences of new clients.

One of them - 36 - the summer manager of the large Russian power company Sergey. We stir with it in the local improving thermal centre. It shows the newspaper in Russian which now print in Forte dei Marmi. “ the Pancake, in give! You of cases, the terminations! - my interlocutor nurtured on a syllable of Ivan Turgeneva and Oksana Robski complains. - And continuous propagation of a healthy way of life: velotury in 9 mornings on quay, nonalcoholic aperitifs of Almarossa in 11... Horror! Night clubs in our concept too for the present are not present, only youth discos “.

Tourist industry of the Italian small town hardly gets ready to be arranged under new clients from Russia.

Caviar from a board of the personal liner

While the receiving party has not penetrated “ in purely Russian concepts “ Russians have a good time on private parties. The practice fulfilled in French riviera operates: a face - control, black caviar from boards of personal liners - “ Dzhetov “. At pool - girls of the modelling size and colour of milk chocolate. And loud music days. The person in a pool before the Moscow friends it is impossible to strike in any way. Because also all new and more expensive country houses in district are bought up.

“ Here it is pleasant to me “ - the long-legged lady (was called as Lena) has confidently declared to us on an exit from a term in is inappropriate magnificent for a sea resort a summer suit from Hermes. - the Sea blue, staf it is schooled, and the main thing to reach easily - direct flight from Florence, Rome or Milan. And to Sardinia three years on end luggage sent in addition that to me with week delay “.

And about where Russians with an average prosperity can spend “the velvet season“,
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Evgenie BELIKOV, Vladimir ZIBROV

the SIGHT With 6 - go the FLOOR

Ah, these small Birthmarks...

And whom we only have not lifted for the last 15 - 20 years. Who remembers former Hurgada or sleepy country Antalya? Not to mention godforsaken Charm - an ale - the Sheikh. Have built up and have mastered! Have poured in money in sand, as dot watering of palm trees, poperli five-stars hotels which and milk us now. Germans from resorts of Turkey smoothly otkochevyvajut, handing over without fight the cottages constructed by them for the timeshare. And who has finished to celestial glory of Courchevel? And has lifted Heavenly Empire - Northern China?

why mayors abroad built up by us “ small Birthmarks “ suffer any Russian eccentricities and catch at heart at any hint of ours that “ we here more a foot “? Because they, as that gipsy in “ to the Newly ploughed virgin soil “ which inflated a horse with a straw through a back nipple before sale. If the straw jumps out (that is we will cease to carry the money), the horse will be blown off.

So in the resort world owners of resorts on a broader scale should begin morning with a prayer about stability of Russia and a rouble exchange rate. They on us for a season earn so many that already which - where in the same Egypt have simply spat maintenance on our money of the constructed hotels: a pier, this swings “ a column “ the profit also swings...

it is not a pity that swings. It is a pity that (pioneer thought, certainly!) Swings not at us and not for us.

We the strange nation. Are ready to put up money in everything, only not in itself. Not in the development. Twenty years (after the first Russian calling in village Hurgada) it was required to understand that the first class hotels can be built both on Baikal, and in Yalta, to develop a network mini - hotels in Peter, to be put in hostels and tours in Moscow, Sochi need to be reconstructed promptly. Because and we have magnificent places which can become the pump for currency and roubles. And at us it is possible to make such rest that you will begin to rock.

the First desires are. It is pleasant to me that to us have started to become boring Europe and the countries of the deserted world. That to Seliger you will not make the way, cruises over Volga are hammered, on the Golden Ring is close from tourists. By the way, generally from ours. It is pleasant that solid people have started to be put. That there are ski parks “ It is free “ and the Red Glade. The all-weather superline in a Krasnogorsk is under construction.

brains - that Turn. Perhaps we will already live till the moment when will start to equip to itself small Birthmarks directly here, nearby. And it will be really important for the country if, of course, we too do not want to live by a principle of a horse with a straw.