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Tatyana Sudets and and lives in the winter among camomiles

We have called Tatyana Aleksandrovne on the eve of birthday in the summer to learn, how it prepares for a celebration.

- I Paint a fence on a summer residence, - a joyful voice the TV presenter has informed. - it turns out such beautiful - colours of an ivory. I love light tone, they create good mood. I and hozblok have painted gently - blue colour, and my friend has drawn on it camomiles. Now both in the winter and I live in the middle   in the summer; romashkovogo fields.  

Eight months ago at Tatyana Aleksandrovny grandson Cyril was born. Clearly, what exactly Cyril now - the main visitor on grandmother`s anniversary.

- Today behind a festive table relatives will gather only, - Tatyana Aleksandrovna has told. - Dochka Dasha, Evgenie Anatolevna`s my mum, the uncle with the aunt and more one member of a family - that is a terrier of Bonifatsy.

Tatyana Sudets teaches at the first national school of television. But its former colleagues on Ostankino have asked to congratulate the colleague from their name.

- Tatyana - one of the most talented our announcers, - Igor KIRILLOV has told to us. - though it also has ended technical college, but was so artistic and charming that all at once thought that she is a professional actress. It was a success at adults and at children (Tatyana Sudets brilliantly conducted transfers Good night, kids! skilful hands ). With it it was easy to work on air, she the magnificent partner, as if knew the old actor`s covenant: you to me an eyelet, I - you krjuchochek.