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The car industry will be covered with a wave of strikes?

advice of Multi-region trade union of workers of car industry (MPRA) sat one of these days at Moscow. For today this organisation unites workers of factory of Ford in Vsevolozhsk, independent trade union “ Unity “ (Autovases), and also trade unions “ the Car - framosa “ (the enterprise for Renault assemblage in Moscow), “ GM - the Autovase “ and shinnogo factory “ Nokian Tajers “. Trade-union αξρcϋ have agreed to begin negotiations with the employers, to threaten them with strikes and to demand increase of salaries, on how much - each of trade unions will solve itself.

the Blessing experience is: workers of Vsevolozhsk factory already striked   salary increase on the average to 25 thousand roubles also could achieve (see for February, 22nd and 30   April of this year and a site). And in the beginning of August the protest action has passed on the Autovase in Tolyatti. However, it was not mass, and the administration has ignored requirements of workers. Events on the Autovase also have become the cause for a meeting of trade-union leaders and discussion of participatory action plans, speak in MPRA.

- It seems that in Russia new trade-union movement arises, - the head of the Center of social researches of institute of economy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgenie GONTMAHER speaks. - Independent trade unions come in the stead of the formal organisations which were “ privodnym a belt “ the Soviet system. And at competent statement of questions of coordination of actions they can represent real force and achieve, that employers have paid attention to their requirements.

That   more   that   in   car industry possibility to raise the salary is, considers Gontmaher: car sales grow in Russia.

- Real salaries in branch more low, than could be, - the analyst on mechanical engineering IK " agrees; the Prospectus “ Dmitry the BALE.   - However, possibilities at the autoenterprises different. - Therefore requirements which were put forward by workers the Autovase in the beginning of August, are absolutely unreal: they wanted monthly indexation of the salary for 3 percent. On it the quarter of profit of the enterprise will leave almost. And assemblage reduction “ Guelder-roses “ and “ Fields “ would manage to factory in 120 - 150 million roubles a month.

If the management would agree with requirements, it would lead to increase of costs, a rise in prices for let out cars. And at the Autovase and without that there are problems with competitiveness.