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The American student will judge for attempt of export of Russian orders

29 - the summer Chilean, the student of American university Sent - Luis Roksana Kontreras has arrived to Voronezh to come to see Russian friends. Planned to stay for a while all - those three days. But...

on the way back Roksana passed customs inspection in the Voronezh airport. When its bag went through a X-ray - installation, the customs officer was interested by a small box in it. On a question that there, the Chilean shy in bad Russian has told:

- Souvenirs. In memory of Voronezh. Why has not declared value? So same knickknacks!

Knickknacks have appeared 5 - 100 - and 1000 - rouble denominations   the XX-th century and award beginnings: a medal For services in battle a medal For courage Great Patriotic War order, a medal the Veteran of work an anniversary medal to 30 - letiju Victories in the Great Patriotic War.

- to the Customs inspector Roksana has explained that has bought all it on disorder from a local cinema, - tells a press - the secretary of the Voronezh customs Hope AUTUMN. - that they represent any istoriko - cultural value and what to take out them abroad it is forbidden, she did not know.

Here two months the foreigner forcedly lives in Voronezh - waits for judicial session. Will judge Roksana for contraband (from 3 till 7 years of imprisonment) and illegal acquisition of awards (even 3 months).

It is expected what to hear case of the Chilean will begin on August, 28th.

Lyudmila MINAEV (- Voronezh )


How much are orders

On the Voronezh disorders cost of order of times of the Great Patriotic War fluctuates from 10 to 100 dollars.

Pre-revolutionary banknotes are on sale on 10 - 100 modern roubles.

the SIGHT With 6 - go the FLOOR

Seven years for the depreciated memory

the Criminal code, article 188 - I - contraband . A part the second in which among a heap of psychotropic substances, weapons of mass destruction both the raw goods the cultural values which export without corresponding documents is forbidden are lonely specified also. And even plus the penalty - to one million roubles is punished by prison term from three till seven years.

the Law is the law, and the citizen of Chile Roksana Kontreras has broken it. And here two months sits in Voronezh, waiting judgements. Sits and thinks that cultural and historical value of Russia, appears, it is possible to buy easily in the street all - that for... 66 dollars?! And from the post-graduate student of the American university to turn to the spiteful smuggler to whom 7 years of a colony shine already.

I do not justify madam Kontreras, ignorance of the law does not relieve from its responsibility. But there is, for example, a federal law on state awards of Russia, on which them acquisition and sale are forbidden . And lawful export can be carried out or awarded, or on the basis of the corresponding certificate of Rosohrankultury . Glance on an opening day in Izmaylov. There orders, for which our old men shed blood and gave lives, easy lie on counters at the price from three dollars. One week ago same disorder with awards I observed at walls of the Ipatevsky monastery in Kostroma. Place grain, foreign tourists (read - potential smugglers) herds go. Experts - collectors say that in some shops trading in antiques, orders are on sale directly with certificates of Rosohrankultury. Very similar to the presents.

Perhaps, with such certificates from Russia the orders exposed in last year in London at auction " have been taken out; Sotheby`s (then on an insisting of the Russian authorities prizes have been removed from the auctions)? Only the price at them was another - from 15 to 150 thousand dollars. And took out them for certain not students, and experienced smugglers about which detention law enforcement bodies all over the country to declare do not hurry up.