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By September, 1st from capital will take out all illegal migrants

- the Branch from Novogireeva to Novokosina will be under construction! - there has begun session Yury Luzhkov. - and corresponding commissions I already have given.

- If there will be a financing we can enter new stations from Novogireeva to Novokosina in the end of 2010, and in the beginning 2011 - go - two stations in Zhulebine, - the chief of the Moscow underground of Dmitrys GUYS has there and then reported. - for building at all of us it is ready.

- On 5,61 kilometres of these lines it is required about twenty billions roubles, - Marina OGLOBLINA has definitively opened a subject the head of Department of economic policy and development of Moscow. - On a broader scale in city budget on underground building it is put in 2008 - 30,8 billion roubles, in 2009 - m - 34,3 billion roubles, in 2010 - m - 38,7 billion roubles.

But also these like the quite good sums as it was found out, on all will not suffice. But only on eight metro stations ( Trumpet Strogino Maryin Roshcha Slavonic parkway Volokolamsk Kuntsevsky - 2 Sretensky parkway Technopark ) .

Thus plans on new stations and lines are already made already till 2015. By then the underground should reach Mitin, and also will start to dig in directions Maryin Roshcha - Petrovsko - Razumovsky Old Kachalovsky - Bittsevsky park .

we Will intercept cars!

- Terminal stations of the underground without intercepting parkings have no right to input, - Yury Luzhkov cut off. Is should be fixed in documents on metrostroeniju. And if station superficial zalozhenija in the top part of a tunnel we can build parkings. After all now at building of the fourth ring we have a work with owners of taken down garages. They speak: your indemnifications are not necessary to us, put nearby a parking three floors upwards and three floors downwards, pass in our property these boksy . It is a good variant. And I have demanded from designers to place such parkings for motorists. Otherwise the problem never normally will dare. Though, if someone will want indemnification, - please.

Moscow will smooth out to the City Day

Having discussed the future of a capital underground, the mayor to subordinates have talked already without the press about a forthcoming City Day. Have for this purpose invited the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Vladimir Pronin and and. An island of chief UFSB across Moscow and Moscow Region Alexander Berezhnogo. We will remind that in the first target autumns, on September, 1st and 2, Moscow celebrates not only the birthday - 860 years. Anniversary of capital has coincided also with Day of knowledge. By tradition on the eve of feasts the militia begins to work in the strengthened mode. And it means that again most of all will get to migrants. Especially that from them who we judge and has illegally visited these days in capital to earn additionally .

- Employees of migratory service and the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs will check such first of all, - has sounded during the closed part of session of the city government. - and all illegal migrants revealed during checks will be turned out from the city territory according to the law.

In last times it looked so. The migratory service and militia for a while placed illegal immigrants in spetsizoljatory, at the expense of budgetary funds it bought tickets towards their native land, and then under escort of guest workers put aboard the plane or in a train.

However taught by similar round-ups, visitors in the majority already try not to be put out on street. And those whom all - taki will catch and will send home for the state bill, after a week - another usually come back to Moscow.