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An - 12 over « Domodedovo » have brought down birds?

the basic version of a cause of accident of plane An - 12, broken in Moscow suburbs on July, 29th (we in detail told state of emergency about it in number from July, 30th of this year and on a site) became known. The first it was announced by manufacturers of engines of the lost plane - the Zaporozhye motor-building factory (that which does cursors not only for planes, but also for “ Tavrii “ for example).

the Expert opinion sounds unequivocally: “ the Reason of failure of two right engines An - 12 became hit in them of organic objects - birds “.

- the Conclusion is almost ready, and one of these days we will give it in Office of Public Prosecutor, - the head of the commission of investigation of  destruction of An - 12 employee of Interstate aviation committee Valery TCHERNYAEV has told. - at soar at height to 100 metres in the third and fourth engines (both of them are on the right wing. - Red.) Birds have got. Engines have refused, the plane has failed. In “ Domodedovo “ we have disassembled engines together with representatives of manufacturer, employees of the airport and Office of Public Prosecutor. Also have found in them remains of a bird and three plumelets!

- And to you it not seems strange, what two birds have simultaneously got to both engines?

- And what such? Last year in Iran there was a case when the flight of birds has put out of action at once three engines at one plane.

In a press - airport service “ Domodedovo “ on the version with feathers did not begin to make comments.

- the airport Territory is protected from flying by birds, - the head of ornithological service " has explained; Domodedovo “ Sergey ZINOVEV. - And I have doubts that after a terrible fire (the plane has failed with full tanks and has completely burnt out. - Red.) Feathers could be saved. They on a broader scale - that at 100 degrees already burn down completely.

And independent experts too doubt such version of  destruction old (we will remind, it already flew away 43 years) the plane.

- Stop such engine the bird in size with a goose could only, - Victor TIMOSHKIN, the expert on security of flights considers, - and they do not fly at night. And to get to such engines which stand on An - 12 (screw. - Red.), it is almost impossible for a bird. Air inlets are protected by rotating screws. Through their blades anything large cannot slip.