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The Muscovite has died of an anaesthetising prick

Ekaterina Atsehovsky, the happy daughter, the wife and mother, one disturbed only a little - a vascular asterisk on the left hip (when varikoznorasshirennye veins appear through through a skin). Ekaterina has decided to get rid of annoying cosmetic defect. In clinic of laser surgery “ the Dignity of Sanych and To “ to it promised to release from an asterisk for half an hour.

- Husband Katenki has called it on mobile, disturbed by its delay, - Ekaterina Olga Dubinsky`s mum tells, - but a tube took the man... It was the inspector, and my daughter any more was not in live.

As it was found out later, tridtsatitrehletnej to Ekaterina Atsehovsky before operation have stuck anaesthetising - “ ubistezin forte “. The woman had the strongest allergy to this preparation. And as consequence, anafilaktichesky shock.   Ekaterina was lost, despite all efforts of doctors “ Cκξπξι “.

- I have found out that the injection was done by surgeon Andrey Kolechkin, - is hardly audible whispers Ekaterina`s mother, - and it has stuck a medicine, without having asked the daughter, a leah is at it an allergy. And after all it at Katya in black and white in a card is written. After funeral of the daughter Olga Dubinsky has learnt that Andrey Kolechkin on - former practises. Though and in other clinic. Also has decided to achieve by all means that it at least of work have discharged.

Beauty Katya Atsehovsky wanted to get rid of a vascular asterisk only. But has paid for it life.

And only after the whole year of complaints in the State Office of Public Prosecutor it was possible to bring concerning the doctor criminal case under article “ The nonprofessional execution of the duties which have entailed death “.

- to Raise - that have raised, and here further it business did not go, - Olga Dubinsky complains. - could not, say, Kolechkina to find! Well I then mobile have found it - I in analytical department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs worked 24 years - and have typed directly in an office of the public prosecutor. Here you are, I speak, here your suspect. Well they also have called it in Office of Public Prosecutor.

After two days to Andrey Kolechkinu have brought accusation. In September the court will take place.

the Unique question on which nobody can already give the answer why Ekaterina has not told to the doctor that she is an allergic person. Katyas already are not present in live, and the surgeon to make comments on a situation refuses.

- Let the court proves my fault, - everything that Andrey Kolechkin has told, and has hung up.