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From - for a smog in Moscow suburbs 37 cars

All have faced has begun on 114 - m kilometre of a line Moscow - Don (it is the south of area which since the night has clouded a dense smog from fires in the next regions).

At first MAZ has faced with the seven then more serious and terrible failure has provoked KamAZ at the wheel which driver Sergey Derjabin sat. The truck rushed towards Moscow. Despite a dense smog, Sergey pressed on gas. On a speedometer was not less than 80 kilometres per hour. It seems that he has not noticed a sign, demanding to dump speed. When from smokes the back board " has seemed; Gazelles going before it, Derjabin has not had time to brake. KamAZ has rammed the Gazelle that, in turn, ran into the going in advance bus Skanija . And here at hurt by failure KamAZa brakes have refused. As to spite, the road has gone on descent. The truck beats again cars, but already others - Volkswagen - a golf and Mitsubishi - lanser . Those on a chain vpechatyvajutsja in Audi - 100 and Hyundai - elantra which knock down after the journey a car before itself.

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the Cars going behind, having seen that occurs ahead, braked, and behind other cars ran into them.

As a result the chain of the beaten cars which have resulted 6 failures, was stretched on kilometre. In this terrible failure 4 persons were lost, two children are wounded 17, from them.


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