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How much still to Muscovites to breathe ashes

Yesterday the stuffy fog has clouded all city. To Muscovites 2002 when from - for peat fires the capital choked with ashes almost two months at once was remembered. Really history repeats itself?  

- In Moscow suburbs it is not fixed any large wood or peat fire, - has hastened to calm and. An island of the governor of Moscow Region Igor PARHOMENKO. - Though for days wood extinguished 19   time. But it were the small centres, all of them are extinguished. Large forest fires now rage on border of the Vladimirskiy and Ryazan areas with Moscow Region. Therefrom the smoke also has pulled hard.

Already by a dinner of Tuesday in Shatursky and Orehovo - Zuevsky areas peatbogs burnt in 14 places. Nine of them have extinguished completely, and here five more fill in till now.  

- Unfortunately, from - for it is abnormal hot weather peatbogs were drained even impounded by us last year, - the first deputy chief of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Moscow Region Oleg LOMAKIN has told. - and they with such weather can light up again. The main thing now not to start up a fire from the Vladimirskiy and Ryazan areas on Moscow suburbs peatbogs. For this purpose we have already lifted Silt - 76 which will start to fill in fire from air.

So to us to wait further?

- Alas, on situation improvement to count difficult, - the chief specialist of the Moscow meteobureau of Tatyana POZDNYAKOV considers. - The wind blows from the south and jugo - the east - therefrom where all burns. Within the next few days weather will be hot, to +33 degrees. Therefore and fire danger remains very high. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday rains are possible, but they will be local and short. So extinguish fire cannot. Intensive rains in all Moscow suburbs are expected only on Saturday. The wind within a week will change a direction on northern, then western. Probably, it will improve an ecological situation. But only in the event that in the west of area there will be no new seats of fire.

But to breathe there is nothing not only from - for a smoke. According to the Moscow centre on hydrometeorology and environment monitoring, in capital air harmful emissions of cars and factories have accumulated many. Why?

Weather dry, and the originator of a heat, the anticyclone, beats all air dirt to the earth.


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