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The next photographer of a children`s porno

In   is detained; Blagoveshchensk on Monday has been detained 50 - the summer photographer removing bared children   for the sake of art . As he said, he simply walked near local schools and photographed kiddies. As it was found out later   during the investigation, six girls have lost vigilance and have agreed to come to the kind uncle on a cup of tea which smoothly flowed in shooting of the bared nature.

Later in conversation with the school divisional one of girls - models has told about the man who photographs at home, and has shown, where he lives. The child also has assured what to undress force the photographer them did not force, and, on the contrary, was sympathetic and good-natured.

In   a search course field investigators have found the computer in apartment of the suspect with photos bared 10 - 12 - summer children.  

the Photographer - the fan, having been indignant with actions of inspectors, it was converted with the complaint to the chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs and has declared that it the respectable citizen, works a web - the designer, and a photo - its hobby.

  But the militia has not blundered this time and has collected demonstrative base. Having enticed the man from apartment under the pretext of computer return, field investigators   have conducted at it a repeated search: have withdrawn negatives and the things embodied on a photo. they have helped to establish that photosessions passed in apartment of the arrested person - the representative of the Department of Internal Affairs has noted.

According to two found girls, sexual harassments   to children   from the arrested person was not. Therefore while under article 135 - j UK Dissolute actions   it is threatened with punishment in the form of imprisonment within three years - has added a source,   - But the consequence should find out persons of four more girls embodied in photos, and to ask them the same question .

For last one and a half year in the Amur region it already the fourth similar case. In January of last year the dealer by pornofilms with participation of children has been detained. In May of this year criminal cases are raised in the relation at once two men of prepension age declining 10 - 15 - summer girls to actions of sexual character.