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Seven I and others

At first from an envelope with the return address Arsenyev, Primorski Territory the photo has slipped out. Elegantly having crossed harmonous legs, there was a graceful young woman. The pretender to model? But now so it is a lot of them. On the back of a word photo: Xenia Kinsler, 23 years. Has ended RGGU with the red diploma . But after all and it not sensation.
Sensations - in that sense what round this concept has developed today, - have not appeared and in the letter. Konstantin Timofeevich Lihno wrote: I Not so long ago have noted the 80 - letie. Was this day in Vladivostok, in hospital for veterans of war. Congratulations was much: from native, friends, brother-soldiers. But I have received the most expensive gift from grand daughter Xenia. I will explain, which. I began to grow blind. Doctors have told that urgent serious operation is necessary, and such do only in Moscow. There was a question: Who will accompany to Moscow me, almost blind old man? And then Xenia has told: the Grandfather, I will go with you . And she studies in Vladivostok as the psychologist. And here Xenia throws institute - and we together in Moscow. While me prepared for operation, the grand daughter went on capital, searched for high school where it would be possible to continue education. After long drudgeries have accepted the grand daughter in RGGU! Moreover on budgetary branch! But with one condition: within a month to hand over 5 examinations in disciplines which was not in its Vladivostok high school. Also what you think? Thanks to the mind and persistence the grand daughter has passed these examinations! And all to be near to the grandfather - the front-line soldier...
I Send you Xenia`s photo. It at me both clever, and beautiful.
Let all grandsons and great-grandsons of veterans follow an example my grand daughter .

the Photo of grand daughter Xenia Kinsler with pride were sent in edition by its grandfather.
Yes, in this letter of sensations is not present. But in it of feeling which can become sensation. We are ready to admire minute of glory unfamiliar - and it is healthy. But a leah always we admire acts, acts, feelings of native people? A leah we notice them? We will more often thank the friend or the chief, than native mother or the wife.
In summary, - Konstantin Timofeevich writes, - I want to share the plans for the future: 1) to nurse with great-grandsons; 2) to write memoirs My universities (has already started to work); 3) to overtake boastful Japanese against whom I wared in 45 - m to year, on life expectancy at least for 10 years. (Three times a week I go to pool, in the mornings I do body exercises, I conduct an active way of life.) .
Such extensive and ambitious plans, moreover at the person for 80, can be only when it has a strong back. When nearby is native krovinochka.
Is, there were still people, at which call of blood of racks. Polina Dmitrievna Elmanova from Kolomna writes about brothers: one native and two cousin. Brothers were missing in the first month of war. 66 years ago! To her 80! But sisterly feelings of Poliny Dmitrievny have not died away: it so would like, so it is necessary to know, a leah brothers are buried. And where? Perhaps they were found by search groups? A leah they are brought in the Memory Book ? After all, except me, other relatives at all three are not present!
the Brother, the sister... Not casually our language so has expanded purely family these concepts. You will tell to the friend: the brother - as you will award. You will tell: the sister - At once you will remember the sister that nursed you after operation. Clever our language attaches to family bonds deep public significance and at the same time fills the highest concepts with related heat. We speak: the Native land - mother and equal to it Fatherland from a word the father .
About the father our following letter. A.I.Pjankova from village Voevodsky Altay territory simply chokes with feelings overflowing it: has found the father! What sad story behind long searches of the daughter of the father - the front-line soldier, it does not tell, all blocks delight: Let the military archive in Podolsk abides in the proud silence. And I here have found it! Also I want to share with you the pleasure. And it such... Words you will not explain. To know that where - that is the native person! I even already by phone heard its voice. But here only he does not hear me - the social worker passes it my words. To the father after all 86 years. It also moves hardly - is wounded in a foot, and my letter cannot read - is wounded and in an eye. One lives. Oh, I do not represent, as it, poor, there... And here to meet to us and it is not fated: the father cannot arrive from - for the physical statuses, I to it, the sick old woman, too without support I can not. And money for road - it in the Rostov region, I on Altai - can collect only by next century... Here now to crying and
for pleasure, and from a hopelessness.
But all - taki in the evening of life I will agree that dreams sometimes come true. And miracles happen, though so is rare. I hope that else I will hear by phone a voice of the father .
the Lump in a throat from this short confession of the woman who suddenly have reminded heroes sick our conscience Dostoevsky with their high response threshold. The delight replaced by pity, affection near to melancholy, mildness and aversion of indifference, insensibility, belief owing to dream and powerlessness before poverty... Heroes of stories of our classic which demand in the world does not decrease, and increases, name sentimental. And, of course, at all in rebuke to it. Why it we - that ignorantly poor that vysokolobye - a word sentimentality today we say with immutable ironical and even a malicious smile? Why the good form considers to speak about feelings chujstva ? A leah because so much the thrown old men, the homeless children, forgotten mothers?
And here history about happy mother. Too simple, as bread.
Muscovite Olga Vasileva at first admits the fidelity to our newspaper. the first, in a youth, a subscription on mum with words has presented to me: You already adult, this newspaper will support you . And all life with me. The special feeling goes therefrom - from hands of mum and from its words, and mum knows that does and speaks. Mum, I think, is similar to the best your journalists: with their ideals, love and struggle against falseness . And Olga began to persuade mum to write memoirs on the life: So it would be desirable to publish its book and to present to mum on 75 - letie! Hardly, but has persuaded. And here by mum`s anniversary of 30 copies from 100 these books telling about people of the XX-th century, were ready! I send the book of mum to you. I hope, it will support, will encourage you, as me your articles .
Thanks big - support after all is necessary to each person. The book - as a bast at line. The book " is called; My family - and about what we have today conversation? Tamara Vladimirovna Poljakova has devoted it to my dear parents And has begun with gratitude to children and grandsons. books would not be, if not the big efforts of daughter Olga, constant support of sons Igor and Andrey and grandsons. Egor carried me in childhood and youth places, Anton helped morally and financially, Valery and Olga analyzed written . Seven most close assistants - seven I - a family!
the Family as institute today in crisis: money, career or, to the contrary, apathy of drunkenness, naked sex, instead of love, yes simply ordinary human egoism... We well know all these defects, because daily - yes hourly - we see on television and a screen, we read in magazines and newspapers, we meet in streets. Defects - that in honour and here virtues?. you excuse, Inna, from time to time it is a shame to me with the favourite newspaper, - Olga Vasileva writes in the end of the letter. - As happens it is a shame sometimes for drunk in a pool or the naked public woman. I understand, the newspaper indulges passions of crowd to survive. But, I think, this period slowly recedes, and can, already behind. Say lies not all! - you have written correct article, how I was glad to it! People were tired of lies, a seamy side and platitude. All want, that them correctly and faithfully loved, that the house was present that children respected old men that life was normal, reliable... Eternal values are necessary to us. Write about them, write .
we will try Well...