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Forces are not present? Eat the products rich with iron!

in August when fresh vegetables and fruit become cheaper, it is a high time podpitat itself vitamins and useful microcells on which level   depends; haemoglobin in blood. When it does not suffice,   the person tests weakness and a breakdown.   today our expert - the doctor of medical sciences the director of Institute of dietology and dietoterapii Michael GINZBURG.

In risk group - lovers to grow thin

Shortage of haemoglobin - the squirrel, transferring to fabrics oxygen, - is called as an anaemia, it is accompanied by a breakdown, weakness, tachycardia.  

it is a lot of Kinds of an anaemia. There is zhelezodefitsitnaja an anaemia More often - iron participates in haemoglobin synthesis, therefore there is no gland - there is no haemoglobin.

to It are subject:

women with infringements menstrualnogo a cycle and with plentiful krovopoterjami during critical days;

lovers to sit on diets.

the Basic source of iron - food.

One more frequent reason of an anaemia - shortage of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin 12 and folic acid.

We are reserved by iron

Daily norm = 2,5 mg

100 g a liver, meat = 2,5 mg

100 - 120 g apples, pears, peaches, pomegranates, apricots (on a choice) = 2, 5 mg

100 g fresh ceps (in any prepared kind) = 5 mg

100 g (dry groats) peas, a string bean, ovsjanye flakes = 3 - 4 mg

We are reserved by ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Daily norm = 50 mg

1 orange, 1 lemon = 50 mg

1 glass of a black currant = 400 mg

(in 8 times more daily requirement in askorbinke!)

On 100 g a product:

a potato = 10 mg

cabbage belokochannaja = 30 mg

cabbage colour = 70 mg

carrots = 45 mg

tomatoes = 40 mg

green salad = 7 mg

apples = 7 mg

a cherry = 15 mg

wild strawberry garden = 60 mg

a black currant = 300 mg

an orange = 40 mg

a lemon = 40 mg

a dogrose (broth) = 1500 mg

We are reserved by vitamin 12

Daily norm = 2 mkg (microgram)

500 ml of milk = 2 mkg

200 g cottage cheese = 2 mkg

1 egg (all vitamin is concentrated in a yolk) = 2 mkg

100 g a liver = 60 mkg. (The portion befstroganov contains monthly norm of vitamin 12!)

We are reserved by folic acid

Daily norm = 0, 2 mg.

200 g string beans = 0, 2 mg

100 g a soya = 0,2 mg

100 g the beef or pork liver = 0,2 mg

500 g cottage cheese = 0,2 mg

1 kg of bread (any) = 0,2 mg

are important!

Norm of haemoglobin for the adult person - 120 - 160 g/ the l (+/ - 10)

At occurrence of symptoms of an anaemia is better be not to postponing visit to the therapist to establish its exact reason. Not always it is possible to correct a situation only by means of a diet, reception of special medical products sometimes is required.

Dear readers! And what products help you? What dishes useful to health, you prepare?   we wait for your recipes. Call by phone (495 777 - 02 - 84 (dob. 508), write on electronic mail: nataly and on a site of our expert of Michael Ginzburg: www. d - slim. ru.    

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