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For work I do not want... After holiday - to the doctor?

on the statistican, more than 80 % of people in the first days after rest not very well feel. According to the Center of balneology and regenerative medicine, during the postholiday period become aggravated more often:

digestion Infringements.

Vegetososudistaja a dystonia, heart troubles and arterial pressure.

Nervous illnesses (the neurosises, some kinds of depressions).

we Pass to a house food

One of widespread errors of coming back tourists: the restaurant meal has bothered. Now I will screw houses with all the heart borshchetsa, pelmeshek, kartoshechki fried with a cucumber! Result - strong diarrhoeia. And all because our traditional home cuisine demands from a stomach and an intestines of slightly other approach, than food with which you fed on a resort and to which your organism has already got used during rest. Therefore in the first week after rest it is better to select tactics of a neutral food: vegetable salads without mayonnaise, lungs supchiki, boiled fast meat and a bird, without fail - squashes and bioyoghurts in the mornings.

we Come to work with a light heart!

Return adaptation of an organism (at the majority of people acclimatisation proceeds more rigidly, than. The organism has hardly adapted to new conditions, has already broken itself. Besides it after rest is weakened   also it refuses to be mobilised quickly. That is there comes a disorientation in time and space.

And in reply to these neponjatki The organism plunges into stress. Quite often the more comfortably you felt on rest, the more hard an exit in everyday life. Business can even reach depression. At people hypochondriac by the holiday end uneasiness quite often raises: a pier and how there without me, have suddenly forgotten?

Therefore plan returning   with a stock in 2 - 3 days before appearance at work that all to find out and enter into a study informed and morally ready. The psychiatrist Michael Vinogradov advises: leaving to have a rest, do not leave on the ambassador of holiday of urgent affairs. The formula here I will return and with new forces all I will complete does not work!

it is necessary to Come to work with a light heart and a positive spirit. Fresh forces - for new business and new ideas.

the daily rhythm

Our problem in the first days after holiday Is restored - to stifle excitation, to balance a daily rhythm. To the aid will come natural adaptogeny. Try on a choice one of variants.

If it is necessary to be stirred up (to accept in the morning):

0,5 g askorbinki plus of 2 tablets of an extract of green tea;

25 - 30 drops pantokrina plus 10 - 15 drops aralii Manchurian;

on 20 - 25 drops of tincture levzei and rodioly pink;

a glass of grape juice plus 30 - 35 drops of tincture of a ginseng;

if in the mornings low pressure - 25 - 30 drops kardiamina plus a teaspoon of tincture Chinese limonnika and a tablet glitsina under language.

If cannot fall asleep:

minutes for 20 to a dream accept a cocktail from valeriany and pustyrnika (on 30 drops);

on 30 drops of tincture zveroboja and mints;

25 - and to pound 30 drops of valocordin temples geranium or lavender essence.

we Pacify pressure

Change of weather conditions cannot minister a cause of illness. But here to provoke an aggravation of already available illness - easily. The cardiologist Tamara OGIEVA warns: the people having at least small heart troubles and vessels, transfer reakklimatizatsiju more hard healthy colleagues. Dizzinesses, palpitation, pressure jumps, sensation of shortage of air are possible. In such cases it is necessary to be converted urgently to the cardiologist. The matter is that the therapy appointed earlier after returning from tropical countries can become already inefficient.

it is frequent on reakklimatizatsiju a core organism reacts inadequately : hypertensive persons with the experience can have a hypotonia, and at those who always suffered affliction from low pressure, it can sharply jump up. Also it is by all means necessary to accept the means diluting blood (100 - 150 mg of aspirin a day). After all the organism reacts to change of environmental conditions, humidity and the oxygen maintenance in air first of all changes of coagulability of blood.