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Than to remove a radiculitis attack

Went for a drive with a family on a boat, and I so with purpose of heart plied the oars that with neprivychki have braided a waist. What it is necessary to do at a radiculitis attack? Perhaps in banke poparitsja?
Andrey Martsinkevich. Moscow.

Sergey GORJACHEV, the orthopedist - the traumatologist:

- the Radiculitis is sdavlenie or inflammatory defeat of backs of spinal nerves. More often pains happen in a waist (ljumbago) or in area kopchika (sciatica).

Emergency means: ointments and tablets on a basis diklofenaka (voltaren) and ibuprofena (dolgit - a cream and so forth) Ointment with okopnikom well helps. At very acute pains in hospital to you can make medicinal blockade by means of a prick.

But while it is precisely not known, a radiculitis at you or not, it is better not to treat a back independently. A bath, warmings up, hot baths, mustard plasters, the pepper plasters warming ointments and even massage can render clumsy assistance at acute inflammations, hernias.

First of all descend on reception to the orthopedist - to the traumatologist or vertebrologu (to the expert in illnesses of a back). It is desirable to make also the roentgenogram and elektromiogrammu (research shows, a leah is where - that infringement of a nerve).

In difficult cases can appoint a computer tomography (KT). The new direction pejn - therapies (pain treatment) - blockade nervously - painful receptors by means of special electric impulses Now develops. The method is effective also at an osteochondrosis and mezhpozvonkovyh hernias.

At the wheel breaks through cold sweat? Hand over blood on sugar

To me of 36 years, 15 years I at the wheel. I drive very well and confidently. But about half a year such strange things back have begun. It is necessary to leave in a city, the shiver starts to bang, sticky sweat breaks through, all is compressed for panic fear, hardly I keep a wheel. Went to the psychotherapist, that has told that it is panic attacks. Ordered to drink a valerian and pustyrnik. Effect zero. Became irritable, I break on relatives... What can it be and how to get rid of this problem?
Maxim Tarasov. Lyubertsy.

Michael VINOGRADOV, the professor of psychiatry:

- Panic attacks - very indistinct definition. Judging by the description, you have vegetative disturbing crises. Problems with vegetative system can be called two reasons. Or it is an astable mental background - the prolonged stress which has passed in a borderline, a neurosis. Or vegetative crises provoke fluctuations of level of sugar in blood that outwardly practically is always shown by the raised alarm. You need to make the blood test on sugar. The latent diabetes that is characteristic for men of your age is possible. The reason of that vegetative crises happen at the wheel, is covered, most likely, that the first crisis has happened in the car (or during the message on any failure) that was postponed in subconsciousness, and now driving process is as though provoking factor.

For exact statement of the diagnosis and successful disposal of a problem you need to be surveyed at endokrinologa, to pass neurologic research (EEG and inspection of an eye bottom), and the psychiatrist which will pick up for you protivotrevozhnye preparations and vegetative stabilizers.

Why on heat hands and feet swell?

To me 42 years, do not complain of health. But this summer on strong heat hands and feet began to swell. That it: kidneys, heart? Perhaps it is necessary to drink the diuretic?
Irina. Moscow.

Love BAGIJAN, the doctor - the cardiologist:

- your hypostases, most likely, sosudisto - a lymphatic origin. In a heat the liquid is worse deduced from an organism. Owing to what lymph outflow worsens, from lymphatic vessels it gets to fabrics and stands. At women this status is aggravated in the second phase of a cycle - from - for hormonal changes. Become complicated all this business can at suffering affliction varikozom - on weather problems it is imposed also venous insufficiency.

Measures of struggle against lymphatic hypostases are simple enough. In the evening and if there is a possibility, after a dinner lie down minutes 20 with the feet raised on a pillow, in the morning and for the night arrange a contrast shower. Well remove puffiness of calves gels: detraleks, venoruton, troksevazin, lioton. If feet towards the end of day are ill and strongly are tired, buy in a drugstore special kompressionnye golfs - they well support muscles and a venous tone.

Diuretic medicines better independently not to accept: all of them reduce pressure that in such heat it is rather dangerous, - if it fails, can faint simply in the street. Softly to deduce hypostases tea with cowberry sheet (but no more than two glasses in day) will help.

Without a panic! All is treated

last week I had a rest in Turkey. There I had a fleeting novel with one tourist. And then something has guarded me... Now I suffer doubts: suddenly I have caught any bad illness. To what signs it can be understood and on a broader scale the chance to pick up similar illness after one sexual contact is how much great?
Oleg. Moscow.

Michael VASILEV, the venereologist, the professor:

- Venereal illnesses are very infectious. Chance to pick up an infection even if you of all once were engaged the in not protected sex with the sick person, more than 90 %.

but do not panic! Today practically all venereal illnesses successfully give in to treatment. On treatment in time found out trihomoniaza will leave 5 - 7 days, gonorrhoeas - 7 - 10 days, the initial stage of a syphilis - has less than month.

And main a brake in treatment of diseases, sexually transmitted, this tightening of a campaign to experts and self-treatment.

That should guard

If you taki have fallen a victim of venereal sores of type of a gonorrhoea and a clamidiosis a maximum in a week will appear:

a pain at mocheispuskanii (at a gonorrhoea - more expressed, sharp, at other infections - not intensive, is faster as discomfort);

it is dense - white, yellowish or greenish allocation. But it is a symptom of weight of illnesses, sexually transmitted, even relapse of the milkwoman. Correctly to reveal the infection activator, it is necessary to pass inspection.

Before to write out medicines, the doctor will appoint researches.

to exclude a syphilis (and also a HIV and hepatitises), it is necessary to make the developed analysis of blood.

For detection of the activator of an infection are necessary:

dab (bakterioskopija);

crops (bacteriological research).