Rus News Journal

Leah it is possible to banish from a site of wasps?

- on our site it is a lot of wasps, and they with appetite devour the most sweet berries and fruits: a cherry, plum, apples. As the garden at us young, a damage turns out considerable. How it is possible to frighten off wasps?
Lydia Alekseevna.

- There is very simple folk remedy. In an ordinary bottle from - under beer pour a sugar syrup approximately on third. For aroma there well to add also some slices of a melon, an apple, a pear. A wire wind round a neck and suspend on a tree. 1 bottle on 1 - 3 trees Is required. Wasps will fly on sweet, and back to get out cannot any more.

- Heard that cucumbers are good for growing up on a bed from vegetative garbage. Tell, how it to make?
Sokolov Andrey Petrovich.

- the Way this effective - the crop is doubled approximately, but is sick trudozatratnyj, solve, a leah approaches it to you.

Vegetative garbage are the weeded weeds, the oblique grasses, the fallen down foliage, sawdust and shavings. It is impossible to add a tops of vegetable of cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, a potato. All this garbage on autumn rake up in one heap, stamping. In the spring garbage mix, transfer on a windless solar site, form a bed in height approximately 50 - 60 sm and not less than 80 see in the width   Water with hot water and densely stamp. Do lunki (3030 the sm) in two ranks in chessboard order with distance on the centre lunok nearby 70 see the Bed water with means from illnesses and wreckers. In the end of May when the landing time of sprouts of cucumbers comes, lunki fill with a fertile soil with humus and ashes. Put plants and mulchirujut a surface of a bed a black film.

the Cherry badly bears fruit on too windy sites.

- Annually at us the cherry perfectly blossoms - all white costs. And as time approaches - there is nothing to collect. How it is possible to force to bear fruit a tree?
Evgenie Simonov.

- the Reasons pustotsvetnosti can be a little. For example, absence of the necessary tree - a pollinator, after all only few grades can be pollinated by own pollen. If you have specified a grade, I could name a grade approaching it - a pollinator.

the Second reason - a wrong place of landing. For example, the North side, the place opened to winds can contribute vymerzaniju flower kidneys. That is buds will appear and even will be dismissed, and here on education high-grade zavjazi at them forces will not suffice. And the last - a leah regularly you fertilise the vishenku? This tree demands regular entering of organic and mineral fertilizers, care pristvolnym around (weeding, loosening). Especially if soil on a site sandy or sour.

- I do not know what to do with a raspberry, its young growth steadily creeps away on a garden. Neighbours have advised to limit its territory to the driven slate, but not so - that decoratively it looks. A leah is not present ways easier?
Semja Lisitsynyh.

- Well if you do not like a slate kind, buy garden bordjurnuju a tape of the big width (to 20 sm). Dig out round a site with a raspberry a narrow flute and vertically establish there a tape, digging in simultaneously from two parties. On a surface there should be no more than 1,5 sm of this tape. Neither the raspberry, nor other plants will not get through this barrier.

There is also the national way based on dislike raspberries to garlic. On edge of a site with jagodnikom will land winter garlic. Put on zubku and do not dig out garlic even for the winter. Strangely enough, the raspberry does not creep towards garlick landings.